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Stardust UI

Hey, we’re in development:

  1. MINOR versions represent breaking changes
  2. PATCH versions represent fixes and features
  3. There are no deprecation warnings between releases
  4. Consult the CHANGELOG and related issues/PRs for more information

Stardust is a set of specifications and tools for building UI libraries. It is based on a fork of Semantic UI React (SUIR).

How Can I Help?

Voice Your Opinion

Help shape this library by weighing in on our RFC (request for comments) issues.


Our is a step-by-step setup and development guide.

Good First Issue

Issues labeled good first issue are a great way to ease into development on this project.

New Components

There is an issue for every new component labeled new component. Just comment on the issue you’d like to take.

Help Wanted Label

Any other issue labeled help wanted is also ready for a PR.


There are a number of packages that a UI library needs to create great UI components. Take a look at SUIR’s /src/lib as an example. This core library enables the SUIR features we love today such as shorthand props, event stack handling, auto controlled state, controlling the rendered component, and more.

Other libraries in the wild have some of these features and some of their own. It is our desire that the community share the best UI component practices in a core library to the greater benefit of the web.

A shared library means more great ideas and more engineering support for features and bug fixes. More importantly, it means more consistency in UI components on the web. We’re really excited to see just how far we can take this aspect of collaboration.


You can think of Stardust as the internals of a good component library. This encompasses everything except for the actual UI components themselves. We are currently discussing which, if any, components will be included.

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