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???? Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.

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Description by @dawn_labs is a wonderful tool that lets you generate beautiful images of your source code through an intuitive UI, while letting you customize aspects like fonts, themes, window controls and much more.

carbon-now-cli gives you the full power of Carbon — right at your fingertips, inside the terminal.

Generate beautiful images from a source file, or sections of a source file, by running a single command.

Want to customize everything before generating the image? Run it in ⚡️ interactive mode ⚡️. ????

Basic example


  • ???? Downloads the realhigh-quality image (no DOM screenshots)
  • ✨ Detects file type automatically
  • ???? Supports all file extensions supported by and more
  • ⚡️ Interactive mode via --interactive
  • ???? Presets: save and reuse your favorite settings
  • ???? Selective highlighting via --start and --end
  • ???? Copies image to clipboard via --copy (cross-OS ????)
  • ???? Displays image directly in supported terminals
  • ⏱ Reports each step and therefore shortens the wait
  • ???? Saves to given location or only opens in browser for manual finish
  • ???? Supports saving as .png or .svg — just like Carbon
  • ???? Supports 2x4x or 1x resolutions — just like Carbon
  • ✅ Tested
  • ⛏ Maintained



$ npm i -g carbon-now-cli


$ yarn global add carbon-now-cli


$ npx carbon-now-cli <file>


Minimum Node.js version


$ carbon-now --help

Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.

  $ carbon-now <file>

  -s, --start          Starting line of <file>
  -e, --end            Ending line of <file>
  -i, --interactive    Interactive mode
  -l, --location       Image save location, default: cwd
  -t, --target         Image name, default: original-hash.{png|svg}
  -o, --open           Open in browser instead of saving
  -c, --copy           Copy image to clipboard
  -p, --preset         Use a saved preset
  -h, --headless       Use only non-experimental Puppeteer features
  --config             Use a different, local config (read-only)

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