UserPlace Plugin – Setup Payment Gateway for Your Membership Site

Hello and welcome to the second part of UserPlace article series. (Fist article Intro To Userplace) As we all know, A complete free WordPress membership plugin available in This time the article is about Membership plugin with Payments Gateway set up. We will discuss each option step by step. After the UserPlace installation, the first thing we have to […]

Best WordPress User Profile Plugin

One of the tremendous features of CMS like WordPress is the capability to craft it to any kind of online solution that you required. It's going to be a word paradigm like WordPress. WordPress already possess the feature of creating users with different levels of control. It makes it wonderful service management for the subscription [...]

Intro to UserPlace – A Complete Free WordPress Membership Plugin

UserPlace is one of the best free WordPress membership plugins for User Profile, Member Subscription, Restriction & Payments. It’ll help you to monetize your site, you will able to create plans, subscriptions, and restrictions that apply into view level and submission level. This article is the first part of the article series of UserPlace. In this […]

Free WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress Membership Plugin is an essential right now for maintaining user accounts. There are lots of plugins available in several marketplaces. Most of them are paid WordPress Membership Plugin. A very few are free of cost. But those are very helpful. To earn by user subscription a WordPress site must be required a  WordPress Membership Plugin free. It also [...]

Best WordPress Chat Plugin of 2019

Are you aware of a fact that more than 67% of users on e-commerce sites have deserted their shopping carts without confirming a checkout? This number is really huge. People have a desire that their questions should be responded to immediately and those websites lose their sales due to customers thought of uncertainty with their [...]

Best WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login

If you are a WordPress website owner and you have a desire to demonstrate your website as more user-friendly by providing the site visitors a chance to do a registration and make their profile on your site then a WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login should be installed on your WordPress based website. Nowadays, [...]

How to Improve Customer Retention on Your WordPress Site?

There are lots of WordPress sites on several types of topics. Few are surviving, few are on the brink of extinction. The customer is the prime reason behind the survival of any WordPress site. Without customer flow or presence a website is nothing but a garbage. Its existence will be meaningless without the required customer's activity. [...]