Best WordPress Chat Plugin of 2019

Are you aware of a fact that more than 67% of users on e-commerce sites have deserted their shopping carts without confirming a checkout? This number is really huge. People have a desire that their questions should be responded to immediately and those websites lose their sales due to customers thought of uncertainty with their [...]

Best WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login

If you are a WordPress website owner and you have a desire to demonstrate your website as more user-friendly by providing the site visitors a chance to do a registration and make their profile on your site then a WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login should be installed on your WordPress based website. Nowadays, [...]

Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins of 2018

If you are planning to exhibit events on your website, you will require an event calendar plugin that gives you much more flexibility to do the event-related works. These plugins can guide you to create and manage events directly from your WordPress control panel. After all, they will then assist you in demonstrating different types [...]

Best WordPress Advanced Search Plugin Reactive Pro

Nowadays a website contains a huge volume of information and data. Especially an e-commerce site contains an enormous amount of categories and information. Most of these sites are built on WordPress, as WordPress is the easiest platform to build such websites. So, lots of WordPress developers are developing a plugin related to search. If you are [...]

Best WordPress Booking Plugin RnB

This is an era of Internet and every business nowadays has a tendency to run through online. There are several kinds of booking business appeared all around the globe. Hotel booking, car booking, taxi booking, apartment booking, bike booking, there are lots of booking types are now available. These booking businesses have a very good future [...]

Free Instagram Plugins for WordPress

A lot of users are using one of the most popular social media platform named Instagram. This is an outstanding social media platform to share photos. If you want to integrate Instagram into your website for having more visitors then WordPress is the best solution. Lots of WordPress plugin developers are now developing Instagram plugins. [...]

Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Photographers, travelers, and any other business company may require a website to showcase their works via images or photos. There are lots of platforms to build a website based on a photo or image gallery. WordPress is the best platform among them. It has a lot of customization capabilities. Audio, video, and image can be [...]

How To Make Your Search Page With Avada Theme And Reactive Pro Plugin

Reactive Pro is a very handy plugin. Best WordPress Advanced Search Plugin. This plugin has the capability to work with several types of search blocks (Checkbox, Combo box, Select box, Radio box, Textbox, Range box, Map auto-complete and Reset), Bars (Number of results, Search tags, Sorting Attributes, Pagination, and Grid or List), Grid. You may search your product [...]