GraphQL Code Generator

GraphQL code generator with flexible support for custom templates GraphQL Code Generator GraphQL Code Generator is a tool that generates code out of your GraphQL schema. Whether you are developing a frontend or backend, you can utilize GraphQL Code Generator to generate output from your GraphQL Schema and GraphQL Documents (query/mutation/subscription/fragment). By analyzing […]

Docusaurus: Easy to Maintain Open Source Documentation Websites

Easy to maintain open source documentation websites. Introduction Docusaurus is a project for easily building, deploying, and maintaining open source project websites. Simple to Start Docusaurus is built to be easy to get up and running in as little time possible. We’ve built Docusaurus to handle the website build process so you can focus on your project. Localizable Docusaurus […]

Retoggle: Experiment With Your Components Using Hooks

🎨 UI controls as React Hooks to control your component state from outside Retoggle is a collection of React hooks which provides UI toggles to manipulate your component state from outside. Like Storybook Knobs. This library is inspired by ideas from Dan Abramov. 🎉 A wide range of toggles 💡 Frictionless integration 🎨 Themeable components 🎁 Extensible. Write your custom toggles. 🚨 You […]

Xwallet | Wallet Mobile App UI Kit (Free Download)

Download ‘Xwallet | Wallet Mobile App UI Kit’ for free Pages: Flash Screen Login Signup Signup_2 Calendar Finger Print Google Maps Pay Bills Add Card Balance Balance_2 Overview Request Money Transition History Setting Page Set PIN Code App Icon And also included all icons with two different colors (White and Dark) Style Guides (Colors and Font Information) Included […]


Command-line productivity booster, offers quick access to files and directories, inspired by autojump, z and v. Fasd Fasd (pronounced similar to “fast”) is a command-line productivity booster. Fasd offers quick access to files and directories for POSIX shells. It is inspired by tools like autojump, z and v. Fasd keeps track of files and directories you have accessed, so […]

React Native Snap Carousel

Swiper component for React Native featuring previews, multiple layouts, parallax images, performant handling of huge numbers of items, and RTL support. Compatible with Android & iOS.       🙌 New feature: layouts Do you want to find out more?    ✨ Do you want an even better plugin? Vote for React Native’s feature requests to let the Facebook team know what they need to […]

React Native Material Bottom Navigation

💅🔧👌 a beautiful, customizable and easy-to-use material design bottom navigation for react-native…     A beautiful, customizable and easy-to-use Material Design Bottom Navigation for react-native.   Pure JavaScript. No native dependencies. No linking. No obstacles. Looks beautiful. Stunning and fluid animations. You won’t believe it’s not a native view. Customize it. You can adjust nearly everything to make it […]