GraphQL Rate Limit

A GraphQL Directive For Rate Limiting Your Resolvers đŸ’‚â€â™€ď¸ 💂‍♀️ GraphQL Rate Limit đŸ’‚â€â™‚ď¸ A GraphQL directive to add basic but granular rate limiting to your Queries or Mutations. Features 💂‍♀️ Add rate limits to queries or mutations 🔑 Add filters to rate limits based on the query or mutation args ❌ Custom error messaging ⏰ Configure using a simple max per window arguments 💼 Custom stores, […]

Simple Icons Free SVG Icons

SVG icons for popular brands Simple Icons Free SVG icons for popular brands. See them all on one page at Contributions, corrections & requests can be made on GitHub. Started by Dan Leech. Usage General Usage Icons can be downloaded as SVGs directly from our website – simply click the icon you want, and the download should start […]

React Smooth Range Input

🎚 React beautiful input range slider 🎚 React Smooth Range Input Butter smooth input range Beautiful animation interaction Tiny size Install $ npm install react-smooth-range-input Example Navigate into example folder and install yarn && yarn start || npm install && npm run start 😍 Check it out. Quickstart import react from ‘react’; import Slider from ‘react-smooth-range-input’; export default () => […]

React Jsonschema Form

A React component for building Web forms from JSON Schema.… react-jsonschema-form A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema and using Bootstrap semantics by default. Testing powered by BrowserStack Documentation Documentation is hosted on: Live Playground A live playground is hosted on gh-pages. Contributing Read our contributors’ guide to get started.   RedQ TeamWe are a world class software […]

Animated CSS Burger Components

Available as plain html/css or as React components. This burger component is part of the Dashboard UI Kit 3.0. Using HTML/CSS The usage with HTML is super straightforward with few steps. Getting the CSS To keep the CSS lightweight, you should import only what you need! You will find a corresponding style in the repository, follow the path ./packages/__YourBurgerStyle__/dist/styles.css Download the file […] website repository This repository contains the assets in Onsen UI Website, available on Please Visit Onsen UI if you need access to the framework itself. Installation git clone <span class=”token operator”>–</span>recurse<span class=”token operator”>-</span>submodules git@github<span class=”token punctuation”>.</span>com<span class=”token punctuation”>:</span>OnsenUI<span class=”token operator”>/</span>onsen<span class=”token punctuation”>.</span>io<span class=”token punctuation”>.</span>git cd onsen<span class=”token punctuation”>.</span>io yarn global add gulp yarn install # […]


A JavaScript library for common financial calculations Introduction Finance.js makes it easy to incorporate common financial calculations into your application. The library is built on pure JavaScript without any dependencies. This project is hosted on GitHub. You can report bugs and discuss features on the GitHub issues page. Finance.js is available for use under the MIT software license. […]

Modular React Charts Made with d3.js

Modular React charts made with d3.js… Update Important update: The actively maintained fork of this project is now at the Github of react-d3 co-creator yang-wei, who has recently taken the lead in maintaining the project and moving toward 1.0. Yang Wei’s fork is located here. react-d3 Modular ReactJS charts made using d3 chart utilities. Work on project […]


Powerful data visualization library based on G2 and React. New charting and visualization library has been released: Please move to it and we won’t maintain the old version soon. More details about BizCharts Features React es6 grammar Easy to use Strong expansion capability Support most data visualization charts see more demos Installation npm $ npm […]