Magic Gri

A simple, lightweight Javascript library for dynamic grid layouts. A simple, lightweight Javascript library for dynamic grid layouts. Creating a dynamic grid layout has never been easier. With Magic Grid, all you have to do is specify a container and listen for changes. A few other configuration options are available for convenience but it’s all […]

GUN – Graph Database

A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, mutable graph database engine. GUN is an ecosystem of tools that let you build tomorrow’s dApps, today. Decentralized alternatives to Reddit, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. are already pushing terabytes of daily P2P traffic on GUN. We are a friendly community creating a free fun future for freedom: The ecosystem is one nice stack of technologies that looks like this: For […]


Introduction Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript library.  Live Demo v3.2 autoComplete.js is a simple pure vanilla Javascript library that’s progressively designed for speed, high versatility and seamless integration with wide range of projects & systems, made for users and developers in mind. Features Pure Vanilla Javascript Zero Dependencies Simple & Easy to use Extremely Lightweight Blazing Fast […]


Smooth collection scrolling Cuberto’s development lab: Cuberto is a leading digital agency with solid design and development expertise. We build mobile and web products for startups. Drop us a line. SmoothScroll Example To run the example project, clone the repo and run AnimatedCollection.xcodeproj Requirements iOS 11.0+ Xcode 10.0 Installation Add SmoothScroll folder to your project. […]

React Native Motion

Animate it! Easily! Change your application from the left one to the right one! Animate it! Easily! Animated Transition Article or Animated Graph Article Getting Started $ yarn add react-native-motion Usage of SharedElement We need to specify source and destination for shared element. This library then will move the shared element from source position to destination position. class Main […]

Now Examples

Examples of Now deployments you can use Now Examples Programming Languages Example Demo Description Monorepo A Monorepo example using multiple programming languages Go A simple GoLang example PHP 7 A simple PHP 7 example Python A simple Python example Node.js A simple Node.js example Static A simple Static website […]

React No ssr

React component to wrap non SSR components. When working with Server Side Rendering(SSR) enabled apps, you have to deal with client only components. This wrapper makes it simple to work with those components. Installation npm i –save react-no-ssr Usage Let’s say Comments is our client only component. Now we need to render it only on the client. Here’s how […]

React on Screen

Check if a react component in the viewport… React on screen     😎 Check if your react component are visible on the screen without pain and with performance in mind 😎! React on screen Demo Installation Usage Simple Using a render props Track the visibility only once Defining offset Partial visibility Use the html tag of your choice […]

React Text

Text and translation handling with React made simple React Text   React text translation with dictionaries. An easy to use and flexible library to fulfill your translation needs: import Text from ‘react-text’; import dictionary from ‘./dictionary’; export default () => ( <Text language=”ja” dictionary={dictionary}> <p><Text greetings /></p> <p><Text farewell name=”Francisco” /></p> </Text> ); // <p>こんにちは、世界!</p> // […]