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The easiest way to develop and release Gutenberg blocks (components) for WordPress…



npm install gutenblock -g

This is a Gutenberg plugin creator + reusable inspector components with hot loading and code splits built in.


If you have never done WordPress development, getting started couldn’t be easier.

  • Install Docker
  • gutenblock init && cd blocks
  • gutenblock watch docker

When you add docker on the end of the watch command, it will bring up WordPress for you. Simply create an account, install the Gutenberg plugin, and activate the blocks plugin. You’re all set.

Comparison with other tooling

Currently, there is only one tool out there to help create blocks (that I have found so far). It’s called Create Guten Block. This library was inspired by it. I’ve added what I consider to be good defaults that everyone would want when creating blocks. These features are not included in other libraries by default:

  • Auto Block registration
  • Helper utlities
  • Automatic code splitting
  • Hot reloading (without page reload)
  • Custom webpack config without ejection

Auto Block registration

No need to call registerBlockType for WordPress. Our loader does this for you.

Helper utilities

Currently, when editing things in gutenberg you make components like this:

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