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Simply, reading and a good user experience – this is a feature of a website that many designers aim to develop a website for a church or religious group. For many years, church sites were consistent with the latest trends of the site. Some churches do not pay much attention to the value of the site and the ability to create an effective community for their followers to reach the public.

However, the church administrator will understand that getting a customized WordPress theme will help create a decent and reliable website for their church that will accommodate personal and spiritual needs of their members and followers. Specially created themes for churches enable religious leaders and administrators to keep track of their audience’s current activities, gathering upcoming church events, donations efficiently.

Today we decided to make a list of beautiful church websites. The themes included in this list are mostly complete, responsive, retina ready, for optimize display, there is a list of the best church WordPress theme listings, so there are an effective event manager plug-ins and other features that are serviceable for churches, without further ado:


TheGem is an adapted WordPress theme, available for many purposes. It usually requires a church in areas relegated across it. It gives the highest creative freedom for coding in amateur or non-experts. Make it absolutely unique design in minutes while providing portfolio features with dedicated design to suit church requirements! TheGem contains more than 200 styles for more than 50 content elements. It is easy to use and has been developed for high-performance. And of course, it’s optimized for all devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Access your community, no matter which device they have. Your new location is safe, the future is protective and fast. It provides wonderful wallpapers, galleries, and slides. Use Premium Slide Integrator. They are also packed with extra special features. Widget certificates, calendar to serve your church, counters and contact forms to register your members. Thejem focuses on user experience and user-built. It is a one-click install with detailed online documentation and free updates. It’s ready for the mullet and the frame. Member language is not a problem. Finally, it uses the integration of WooCommerce for purposes of sale and donation. In conclusion, this topic is thoughtful and useful to your church. And Gam!

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Benefits for developing websites for churches and other religious communities is an interesting and completely responsive theme. It will work perfectly on your website and it is built with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 technology to ensure future proof.

It comes with 11 custom post types so that you can easily include reasons, facts, employees, documents, galleries, promotions, ministries, projects, and donations of your website. Finally, the theme is included with PayPal so that you can easily accept payments and donations.

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Vision The most powerful church WordPress theme. There must be a church theme. It comes with a post type that supports video, audio, attachments, and PDFs. Event post type where you can place start date/time, end date/time and you can post in Google Map. The pastoral post type gives you the features of the church’s pastors. You can still use themes as other purposes so that you still have to post-traditional blog posts and portfolio features in your work/product. This theme combines this theme to create a custom page with advanced functionality by using drag and drop interface provided by Visual Composer Page Creator that does not require any coding skills that are required, translate it into SEO friendly, translate and prepare versatile WordPress themes stand out.

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4.Adore Church

Adore Church is a wonderful, artistically modern and impressive feature-rich, professional graphic design, clean and pure, polished and professional, warm, stimulating, exquisite, intuitive and easy to use, popular, attractive, lively and highly responsive to the WordPress Church, religious institution or nonprofit organization. Website theme. Deeply loved by priests, ministers and rabbis all over the world for the ability to create an incredibly full-featured, professional quality, high-performance church or non-profit website, which can not be written to a completely flexible line code.

Adore Church is the latest local visual navigational experience with your latest WordPress plugins to reduce your collaboration with the latest density and city to capture small populations, thereby increasing the user’s overall exposure to your content. Full-screen, extensive and enclosed charts and provide hands-on options to present your information, while the Fair Isotopes Premium allows you to display church content in an impressive, modern, proportional way. The Ador church is built in Mega Menu for ease of navigation and even the integration of Soundcloud’s most know-how technology for speech flocking to your son. Are you ready for service?

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Grace is comforting and charming, visually impaired and flexible, very well-built and highly technical skills, fast responsive WordPress religious and church website theme. Designed with a specific goal and empowering the religious officials and church members around the world to quickly and easily create curiosity with websites, animations and transitions, powerful functionality and all tools worldwide. The look and feel of your church or religious organization website needs to be thoroughly customized and modernized, to see the world

Premium plugins can be easily limited to your design and development experience such as Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder, Revolution and Volunteer Sliders to make your content live with movement and interaction, Twitter’s own Bootstrap based modular design code, Grace creates a truly universal theme Which means all devices, browsers, and cs Kriner could reach the form, each showing excellent. Adding to your congregation together with many powerful shortcuts, such as event calendar plugin, impressive event widgets and much more have been discovered for you, Grace is really a blessing. Try it now!

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6.My Religion

My Religion is a WordPress theme designed perfectly professionally and custom – built for religious organizations, charities, churches etc. This trendy church theme offers a one-stop solution for your church ‘s website. The main features of this multi-use theme are calendar event management, religious wall, and promotion of store WooCommmerce. Calendar of Events and Management Offers an Extraordinary Church Event Management Features The theme’s event manager creates events effectively, receives bookings, manages guests or participants, sets the event, displays Google Maps on your events and local pages, and displays various events in the Ajax-powered calendar.

In addition, the theme comes with a functional prayer wall with request confirmation form and prayer confirmation request. This theme also helps you to sell products and services effortlessly that goes well with the WooCommerce plugin. My religion helps to install and manage your website without any coding knowledge, with 6 different color schemes, modern HTML5 and CSS3 codes, powerful shortcut custom menus, localization for other languages and individual panel options. The theme also has a 100% responsive design which replicates it to ensure it works automatically and looks great on all tablets and mobile devices.

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7.Church and Events

The Church and Events is a very flexible WordPress theme and Pendi is specifically designed for churches, charities, religious communities, and events. This topic is ideal for people who have very little knowledge of building a decent site. Church and Events use Famtam theme framework for solid rock and built with clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technology.

This theme includes a sleek and easy-to-use drag-and-drop creation tool that is created based on a popular visual composer.

It is bundled with unique scroll bar unique to pages, blogs, and portfolio posts. Also comes with Assistant Speeches, Calendar Events Pro, Donation System via PayPal. This theme is fully integrated with the plugin Barris to help you create a powerful and interactive online community. It is also a WooCommerce willing to help your group raise money by selling products online.

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8.The Core

The Core is one of the best multi-purpose WordPress premium themes out there. It is a ready-made high-fidelity and mobile-friendly theme. This also includes 20 offers, with more on the way every minute! The essence is intended for simplicity with headers and pre-built layout. The popular Mega menu is used to sort sub pages and have unlimited profiles. The core is non-coding or programming required with many custom short codes. It is also SEO friendly and compatible. To build a page you get a good drag-and-drop rating and contact form.

You can also get multiple sliders built in advance, and colors. Core allows you to add customizable wallets and footers and calendar events. It also provides incredible Google fonts and icons sharing social media. Core allows you to introduce yourself to the world of online platforms in a painless, quick way. It provides you with automatic updates and keeps you in business with a minimal modern smooth look. To help you in all possible ways, Core has a live demo and a single click install the demo. It also has an amazing customer support system via Office Help. It is compatible WooCommerce. Get the best walking experience set up for your page with Core!

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Deeds Theme is the subject of the narrowest, innovative and well-known creation of the church, religious publishing, nonprofit organizations, ministry, event, donation and fundraising sites. It includes five main pages perfectly designed for church sites. It holds faster and easier to customize compared to other church sites offered on the market.

Take advantage of 3 uniquely built home layouts, 8 delicious header styles, and unlimited custom widgets to create an eye-catching church site. It comes with an event management feature that allows you to effortlessly manage past and future events via another custom type and one share page.

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Ichthys is a charities and church-oriented WordPress theme but not profitable. Dedication comes with three basic slogans: prayer, love, and tenderness. Ichthys has 5 different main pages. They highlight the welcoming nature of a flexible theme panel and countless layouts. Search polished through SEO. IchthysVisual Composer and Solidar Revolution are used to design a custom layout for fun. The purpose of Ichthys relies on donations, events, and speeches. That is why it is compatible with the WooCommerce and its banner payment. It has 14 tags to provide a wide range of advertising and advertising.

Ichthys is located on social media through 4 different platforms. It contains an updated Calendar Application application integrated and linked to Google Maps. Ichthys relies on high-quality resolution and font codes. Ichthys is compatible with ThemeForest files such as Ying classes and Layer layered layers. You will find unlimited sidebars along with friendly widgets. The heads are so unique they count with many specialized plugins (Punchmino, Megamind, etc). Ichthys has more than 4 columns and several pages published perfectly for blogs and testimonials. Many skin colors and lines are available. Donations, advertising and service sermons are uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. Feedback is fundamental to their resolve. Be part of something with the Ichthys family meet.

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X is an awesome and unique, highly unusual, and original, memorable and visually impaired, and professionally designed, modern and fluid WordPress responsive multiconcept, versatile theme, providing a final theme with a powerful design, For business or personal, big and g It can cover a wide range of totes because it is the only theme that does not really have one of the many skins, there are several themes, you think, but there are completely conceptual themes with their own skins, which are called stackes for creating meditative websites.

Each of these broad demos empowers you to create completely different websites in both forms and functions. It is helpful, convenient, time-saving shortcodes and a place for congregate online for your sermons, a place for congregate online, religious news and newsletters, an incredible strong framework for developing religious websites of all kinds and sizes – a new available extended demo for the Church, Browse pages, social media integration and a modest, conservative, fresh-face Bong invited designs to please old and new, and you measure your choice in terms of the effort to make sure that the growth of a weighing. Your content.

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Pastor’e is a very gentle and clear, polished and fresh faced, pleasantly engaging and highly responsive WordPress church, religious and charity website theme. Convenient modern websites are created and designed as a coherent platform for design, religious, charity, NGOs and related projects, websites and efforts to meet the needs and needs. From the local congregation to the prayer group, from the traditional grassroots religious organization to the spiritual retreat, Pastor’e can manage them all with equal grace, equal.

Pastor’e capable website building plugins and tools such as Visual Composer, expanded with hundreds of convenient elements, support for Sticky Menu, included in the wonderful Fontello Icon set included hundreds of Google Fonts, there is a robust framework provided by the top functionality behind the convenient, no page, One page and pastor’e’s five unique demo website layouts, tons titles, pedals , Sidebar and menu customization styles, unlimited colors, animation and transition to independent, strong media options and a lot more on the possibilities for multipage. Pastor’e gives you access to all over the world with fully reciprocal compatibility response and is equipped with the modular design of Pastor’e and Accessory and its accompanying facilities. Reach them all, with Pastor’e!

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13.We Believe

We believe a versatile religious WordPress theme. It is especially focused on churches and its organizations. You can find 3 homepages and tons of predefined preferences for headers. We believe bootstrap-based and incredibly versatile. It is an unlimited option for customizing 8 default skins and colors. Sliders, grid, and silver styles are also supported. We believe that the gift form comes with special features like form and list of events. It has a calendar of shops and even a sale shop (ideal to raise funds). You will find it with SEO optimization and customized wide / boxed layout.

We believe to be very simple and practical to customize at a very low level. It uses a mega menu and has many background customizations. You will get tons of animation, video and image support. It even features WooCommerce and WPML! We believe you can use tons of icon and advanced panel options. With its responsive design, it will adapt to all screens and browsers. It provides a lot of shortcuts to make all the tasks easier. We believe the craft is simple and well documented too. There are alternatives to cause, donation, sermon and more! Try this awesome theme with a simple click and get it assured! Believe we believe!

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