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A very nice and slick Instagram feed and profile design in PSD. Beautiful layouts which can be edited easily. Also designed with simple Arial font which is similar to Instagram. Download it for free and subscribe with us for more amazing free designs like this.


Design shared by Marina Dillaco

Instagram Ads Mockup – 08/2018
Instagram ads are more trendy and many users are choosing it to promote their existing publications or generating new content for the ad. In this last case, the best thing is to see how your ad will be shown on the platform, that’s why I made this template. For both feed promotions and stories, you can test your designs in this fully editable mockup!


FREE Instagram Complete Feed and Profile PSD UI

Instagram Complete Feed and Profile PSD UI – 07/2018
This time I share the PSD version of the new Instagram layout, fully editable. There are 3 PSD files that contain the Profile and Feed screen, all the new changes, and functions, like offer products, multiple posts, IGTV, and live stories buttons.
For me, this version is more useful for planting content, so I hope it’s useful to you too!
FREE Instagram Layout Feed and Profile UI – 2018
FREE Instagram Layout Feed and Profile UI – 2018
Instagram Layout Feed and Profile  UI – 07/2018
After a long time, Instagram changed some details in its design and added new features like IGTV. That’s why I take this opportunity to share this design in vectors so you can use it in a presentation or work …
Hope you enjoy!!

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