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A lot of users are using one of the most popular social media platform named Instagram. This is an outstanding social media platform to share photos. If you want to integrate Instagram into your website for having more visitors then WordPress is the best solution. Lots of WordPress plugin developers are now developing Instagram plugins. We will select some best of them and will talk about them in this article. So let’s start the article.

1. Instagram Feed Plugin by Smash Balloon

Free Instagram Plugins for WordPress

If you possess many Instagram feeds that you want to merge into one feed, this is the right plug-in for you. You can manipulate size, layout, spaces, color, and also can do many things with this plugin.

Instagram Slider Widget

This plugin for responsive design is awesome for viewing the latest 20 photos on Instagram. Instagram Slider Widget is very easy to install. Just add the username in your Instagram in the segment. Then you want the images to randomly select what you want to update the image from Instagram.

3. Enjoy Instagram

Jump to: navigation search The coolest part of this plugin is that you can view images using shortcodes. Additionally, the scrollbar works in simplified view mode. Lightbox mode appears as a popup window that most websites use to subscribe to email. This lightbox feature will draw more attention to your Instagram account.

4. Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

View Instagram images on the sidebar, post and/or page. With a simple shortcode generator, you could set up your Instagram Gallery anywhere you desire. In addition, with multiple light highlights, you could high point your Instagram account for your website visitors.

5. Instagram Badges

This plugin only creates an Instagram badge function. Badges work as the Images on social networks. Utilizing a plug-in such as Instagram Badges makes it simpler to make a badge that can expand your connections to your social networks.

6. Simple Instagram Embed

Simple Instagram Embed

As the name recommends, Simple Instagram Embedded Plugin directly takes the Instagram embed code from the Image Sharing link. By this way, you only require to copy and paste the URL of the image, not the embed code available on the social media network.

7. Instagram for WordPress

You can view your recent, favorite, or tagged photos in different ways to display your photos in the WordPress Plugin for Instagram and WordPress. On the other hand, you can view a feed for you or other users. Make your decision.

8. Easy Instagram

Easy Instagram

Another option, you want to utilize more than one Instagram accounts and/or hashtags. Type what you need to do with the username or label you want to use. WordPress has its own widgets and hashtag options. An easy Instagram name is up-to-date.

9. WP Instagram Digest

WP Instagram Digest

Capture these Instagram images from the days of these important extensions and publish them as blogs on your WordPress website. You must install an API integration to set up the WP Instagram Digest, but it is an awesome way to automate your use of Instagram.

10. Instagrate to WordPress

Instagrate to WordPress

This plug-in has automation functionality to integrate Instagram into your WordPress blog website. This can publish and fetch new photos in your blog post from the profile.


Now the article has come to its ending point. We hope this article will assist you a lot to pick up your right choice according to your requirements. If this article really assists you at any point then please do not forget to give us a rating or leave a comment in the comment section. It really motivates us huge to deliver you more quality articles. Thank you very much for reading this article. That is all for today. Have a nice day.

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