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Photographers, travelers, and any other business company may require a website to showcase their works via images or photos. There are lots of platforms to build a website based on a photo or image gallery. WordPress is the best platform among them. It has a lot of customization capabilities. Audio, video, and image can be modified at any time. Lots of WordPress developers are now developing gallery plugins. Today we will select some best plugins among these all plugins already available in several marketplaces. We will talk about them in this article. So let’s start the article.

1. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Optimum Grid-based picture Gallery with visual Editor for Creating Photo Gallery Skin. Animated galleries are ready to display photos, videos, and posts. The design is responsive.

2. Huge-It Gallery

The best content gallery with more than a million installations was rated as one of the best WordPress plugins for the gallery. This special plugin developed by Huge-IT has 8 wonderful views and comes with infinite image support. Descriptions, titles, classifications, packed with buttons and more support options.

3. Gallery – Responsive Image Gallery, Gallery Album

A gallery is the most important instrument for any site. Most of the users desire to have a gallery on their websites. The plugin developed by us for the gallery will let you show your galleries with great animation effects and views, so give a try to this handy plug-in.

4. Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery for WordPress allows you to better manage your photo and video gallery. Very user-friendly for the users and way too much flex for the developers.

5. Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is ideal to use in building different portfolios within to build different perspectives. Portfolio Gallery products let you add YouTube, photos, Vimeo, videos, titles, and descriptions to each Portfolio Gallery. The Portfolio Gallery is useful in custom places, as well as using different pages and posts.

6. Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery is developed via the framework named Bootstrap. You may include infinite photos to your blog sites. Responsive Photo Gallery provides two layouts with a fading animation, a simplified image preview, and different fonts. According to the screen resolution, it also provides the isotope effect on adjusting the image size.

7. Simplest Gallery

Simplest Gallery Plugin is the “easiest way to implement WordPress” built-in image gallery into your posts with beautiful visual effects.

8. Circles Gallery

3 plugins available in one plugin: a stunning gallery, a “Team Members” and a multi-column layout plugin. The design of this plugin is responsive.

9. Xpand Image Gallery

Motivated by Google Photo Gallery, we’ve developed a gallery which is special for WordPress that replaces a value with you that lets you upload a new page or open images in content without using a modal box. It enhances customer experience and brings speed, dynamism, and ease of use to your site.

10. Responsive Gallery

Responsive Gallery developed via the framework named Bootstrap. You may include infinite photos on your blog site. The interactive responsive design offers two animated layouts with great animations, previews of light images in the box and different fonts. According to the screen resolution, the isotope effect to adjust the image size.

11. Simple Image Gallery

Simple Image Gallery contains many amazing features. For a sample, if you move from your location to a touch device, you can swipe your finger on the screen and scroll quickly through your photos. If you’re looking around on your desktop, you may use keyboard navigation to browse your photos.


Now we came to the ending point of this article. Hope this article on photo gallery plugins will assist you a lot to choose the right plugin for your WordPress site. If this article really helps you then please do not forget to leave a comment in the comment section or give us a good rating. Thank you a lot for reading this article. That is all for today. Have a nice day.

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