Simple Node Script for converting WordPress XML export of Posts to Gatsby blogposts ????



contributions welcome  

Migrate from WordPress without pain!

Huge community is migrating from WordPress to Gatsby, especially developers. In order to migrate with ease and out of my pain I created this tool.

With gatsby-wordpress-migrate you can convert all your wordpress posts to gatsby-blog compatible in a fraction of a command.

???? Quick start

Install this package globally or to your project with npm or yarn.

# Install gatsby-wordpress-migrate with yarn and make it a dev dependency
yarn add -D gatsby-wordpress-migrate

Heads up. To download all the WordPress posts of yours, login tou your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Export and then download export file with your posts.

Run the CLI commands with the following syntax.

wordpress2gatsby <XML filename> <destination folder>
# Example: wordpress2gatsby wordpressdata.xml content/blog

???? Example


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