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Advertising jobs on online is an old trend now. WordPress also becomes an old thing already. So using WordPress themes for advertising jobs is a new thought. So, developers build a lot of themes for WordPress themes related to job seeking. Today we will choose some of them and talk about them.


Job Career WordPress Theme Download

This panel is loaded with attribute options for both employers and candidates, which is as easy to use as possible as a list of your WordPress sites, from the point of view of managers and viewers. The InJob theme also provides a front-end submission form, posting jobs, registration and submission process will be done using all templates through WordPress customization.

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JobHelp is a well-built WordPress theme for a work site. Companies, Applicant, Profession, Freelance, Company, Candidate, Recruitment, Job Guide, Jobs Board, Job List, Post Job, Job Finder etc. It looks perfect that you like the theme with any theater. You can create something awesome with its features.

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3.JobPress – Premium Job Manager

JobPress is an excellent WordPress theme and responsive. You can create a list of tasks and resume the Marketplace menu. Created a theme specifically for the Job Manager with WordPress plugin. Work well on smartphones.

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Handyman’s Job board is developed for the person who creates the work panel and creates jobs or manuals for the work site for contractors, electricity, workers, aviation etc. This is a responsive theme.

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JobsDojo WordPress Theme works with a complete solution for both the CV Portal and the Work View with Front View implementation. It has different payment processors which you can customize through WooCommerce and of course price planning. Uses WordPress WP Job Manager and Free WordPress plugin detects its potentials with resumes and more fields for blank posts.

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Mesh Jobs is a custom, fully functional WordPress theme and is powered by the great super awesome WP Job Manager plug-in. Visual Shape Composer Function, Revolution Slider Packed with WP Work Manager, WP plug-ins, where you should not buy the plugin.

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JobPlanet is a WordPress theme as an integrated guide. It’s similar to the other themes, which require you to purchase another extension to maintain the full functionality of the site, in this Jobplanet option works. If you do not have to purchase an additional add-on, you can test the pre-built site to see it working on your own. JobPlanet is perfect for companies that require employers or employment lists or employment agencies.

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Profession is the theme of a very formal career portal. Clear and give the best user experience with the minimal layout. The demo site has the same functionality, as the plug-ins are not subject to any hidden charges or costs because the theme is submitted. If you are interested in a high-quality code base in Static Solutions, you can use the Starter Theme Framework to develop better new business. The theme is with an engine tone that can expand the function of the mold, where it works according to press requirements.

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Work Scout is a professional Power Board Theme WordPress Plugin. All WordPress Properties for Developer Action. Easy to integrate and expanded features and plug-ins, you can expand to create a rich market featured jobs for your own market!

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JobBoard is an excellent feature-rich, a good clean and simple autobiography, job list, job directory or job market responsive keyboard WordPress Theme: Response Planning, Friending Introduction, Advanced Job Search Function, Payment Processes and more. It has a job listing and a simple resume design format.

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JobEngine Portal is a WordPress theme that lets you create a list of task list sites that can be useful and easy to use. This is the best job option for those who want to make money, for example, a simple theme script portal for them not only program and function palette.

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12.Robojob Lite

RoboJob Lite is the latest WordPress theme for free. Running a work site or site becomes a data list easier. This is a WP Work Manager and WordPress Theme Manager for Workplaces. This is integrated with a powerful and actively managed WP Work Manager, because many extensions are available, which means many possibilities

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That is all for today. Hope this article will help you to understand more about job-related WordPress themes. From here you can choose one of your own according to your requirements. Finally, do not forget to rate us or put a comment. It inspires us to produce more valuable articles for you. Thank you.

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