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Check the compliance of your design guidelines within seconds

Validate your designs against your defined design guidelines, within seconds

Extract the rules

To use this plugin, you just need a Sketch file with your design guideline. This is file which contains text styles and colors swatches defined. The plugin can extract all the typography cases and color rules from the guideline with a single click and store it as a JSON. This JSON is what is going to power the plugin in the next stages.

alt text

Check for errors

This plugin works exactly like how a lint for code works. With the rules mentioned, it would analyze your designs for any potential errors.

alt text


The plugin checks for font size, font-color, font-face and line height.


Validate the color of any layer with your guideline color palette.


Check the spelling of your text layers directly from Sketch. Just run the plugin once. The plugin is using OSX’s dictionary to check for spelling mistakes.


This helps you get the accessibility score of the text layers based on readability and contrast formula according to W3C standards.

  1. Select a text layer and background layer. The plugin calculates the score for the text layer in comparison to the background layer.
  2. Select just the text layer. This fetches the score in comparison with the background color of the artboard.


Check for vertical padding between layers and shapes.

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