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Important update:

The actively maintained fork of this project is now at the Github of react-d3 co-creator yang-wei, who has recently taken the lead in maintaining the project and moving toward 1.0.

Yang Wei’s fork is located here.


Modular ReactJS charts made using d3 chart utilities. Work on project documentation has started here. A few examples of the available charts can be seen below, the others can be viewed here, side-by-side with the React code that generates the charts.

react-d3 chart images

Build Status


npm version

Basic usage

First, install via npm:

npm install react-d3

Then, import into your ReactJS project:

var rd3 = require('react-d3');
// es6
import rd3 from 'react-d3';

The charts are then available under the rd3 namespace, which you can then use as shown on the demonstration page:

If you don’t wish to pull in all the charts, you can also require single chart:

var BarChart = require('react-d3/barchart').BarChart;
// es6
import { BarChart } from 'react-d3';

Available Charts

var BarChart = rd3.BarChart;
var LineChart = rd3.LineChart;
var PieChart = rd3.PieChart;
var AreaChart = rd3.AreaChart;
var Treemap = rd3.Treemap;
var ScatterChart = rd3.ScatterChart;
var CandleStickChart = rd3.CandleStickChart;

For usage, please see hereAPI documentation is also coming online over the coming days.

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