Examples of Now deployments you can use

Now Examples

Programming Languages

Example Demo Description
Monorepo A Monorepo example using multiple programming languages
Go A simple GoLang example
PHP 7 A simple PHP 7 example
Python A simple Python example
Node.js A simple Node.js example
Static A simple Static website example

Frameworks and Libraries

Example Demo Description
Next.js A Next.js example using SSR
Next.js Static A Next.js Static exported example
React An example created using Create React App
Gatsby Gatsby getting started example using Gatsby CLI
Vue Vue example using Vue CLI
Vue SSR Vue example using server side rendering
Vuepress A docs example using VuePress
Nuxt Static A Nuxt Static exported example
Express An example using Express
Apollo Server An Apollo Server example using Express
MDX Deck A presentation using MDX Deck
HTML Minifier A simple HTML minification example
OptiPNG A PNG optimize example using OptiPNG
docz A documentation example built with docz
Gridsome Vue-powered static site generated by Gridsome

Fully Working Applications

Example Demo Description
Next News A Hacker News clone created with Next.js deployed to Now 2.0

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