Powerful data visualization library based on G2 and React. New charting and visualization library has been released: Please move to it and we won’t maintain the old version soon. More details about BizCharts Features React es6 grammar Easy to use Strong expansion capability Support most data visualization charts see more demos Installation npm $ npm […]

A Mighty Modern Style Linter

A mighty, modern style linter Features It’s mighty because it: has over 160 built-in rules to catch errors, apply limits and enforce stylistic conventions understands the latest CSS syntax including custom properties and level 4 selectors extracts embedded styles from HTML, markdown and CSS-in-JS object & template literals parses CSS-like syntaxes like SCSS, Sass, Less and SugarSS supports plugins so you can create your own […]

Search Library

Web’s fastest and most memory-flexible full-text search library with zero dependencies. When it comes to raw search speed FlexSearch outperforms every single searching library out there and also provides flexible search capabilities like multi-word matching, phonetic transformations or partial matching. Depending on the used options it also provides the most memory-efficient index. Keep in mind that updating and/or […]

React Color Pickers from Sketch More

🎨 Color Pickers from Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome, Github, Twitter & more… React Color 13 Different Pickers – Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome and many more Make Your Own – Use the building block components to make your own Demo Live Demo Installation & Usage npm install react-color –save Include the Component import React from ‘react’ import { SketchPicker } from […]

Redux React Hook

React Hook for accessing state and dispatch from a Redux store redux-react-hook Table of Contents Install Quick Start Usage StoreContext useMappedState(mapState) useDispatch() Example FAQ More info Thanks Contributing License Install # Yarn yarn add redux-react-hook # NPM npm install –save redux-react-hook Quick Start // // Bootstrap your app // import {StoreContext} from ‘redux-react-hook’; ReactDOM.render( , […]

React Cosmos: React Components

Dev tool for creating reusable React components React Cosmos ✭ Dev tool for creating reusable React components Cosmos 4.7—the version that shows you the future (Cosmos Next is available for beta testers) 🎉 Cosmos scans your project for components and enables you to: Render components under any combination of props, context and state Mock every external dependency (eg. API responses, localStorage, etc) […]

Redom: JavaScript Library

Tiny (2 KB) turboboosted JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. RE:DOM Develop web apps with 100 % JavaScript and web standards. 🚀 Introduction RE:DOM is a tiny (2 KB) UI library by Juha Lindstedt and contributors, which adds some useful helpers to create DOM elements and keeping them in sync with the data. Because RE:DOM is so close to […]

React Simple Animate

🎯 React UI animation made easy React Simple Animate Features: Animation from style A to B CSS keyframes animation Chain up animation sequences Tiny size without other dependency Install $ npm install react-simple-animate Docs Getting started Animate AnimateKeyframes AnimateGroup Custom Hooks Advanced Quickstart import react from ‘react’; import { Animate, AnimateKeyframes, AnimateGroup } from ‘react-simple-animate’; const […]

Rendition: A Library of React UI Components

A library of React UI components… Rendition A library of UI components, built using React, recompose, styled-components and styled-system. Table of Contents Installation Usage Components Development Testing Upgrading Installation npm install –save rendition Usage Wrap your application in the Provider component and start using components! import React from ‘react’ import ReactDOM from ‘react-dom’ import { Button, Box, Provider } from ‘rendition’; ReactDOM.render( […]