Best Private Message WordPress Plugin: YoBro

WordPress is a great platform to maintain social communication. A plugin capable of doing chat with the members of the sites really very interesting. Lots of WordPress developers are now developing chat plugins to do live chat. If you are trying to find the best private message WordPress plugins highly developed chatting plugin. Then you […]

Form Backend Validation

An easy way to validate forms using back end logic Wouldn’t it be great if you could just use your back end to validate forms on the front end? This package provides a Formclass that does exactly that. It can post itself to a configured endpoint and manage errors. The class is meant to be used […]


x-chart is a draggable & resizable data visualization system Introduction x-chart is a draggable & resizable data visualization dashboard. Based on Vue.js, vue-echarts and vue-grid-layout. Notice This version is rewrote by typescript, if you want the old version by javascript, you can checkout tag v0.1.2. Develop # clone the project git clone https<span class=”token punctuation”>:</span><span class=”token operator”>/</span><span class=”token operator”>/</span>github<span class=”token punctuation”>.</span>com<span class=”token operator”>/</span>yugasun<span class=”token […]

Lint for Sketch

Check the compliance of your design guidelines within seconds Validate your designs against your defined design guidelines, within seconds Extract the rules To use this plugin, you just need a Sketch file with your design guideline. This is file which contains text styles and colors swatches defined. The plugin can extract all the typography cases […]

Fromfrom- A JS Library

A JS library written in TS to transform sequences of data from format to another fromfrom fromfrom is a LINQ inspired library to transform sequences of data. Installation npm install –save fromfrom Documentation Find it here. Usage The library exports only a single function, from. from wraps the given source data into a Sequence. Sequence has a wide range of chainable methods to operate […]

Use Query Params

React Hook for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization.  useQueryParams A React Hook for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization. Works with React Router and Reach Router out of the box. TypeScript supported.   Installation | Usage | Examples | API | Demo When creating apps with easily shareable URLs, you often want to encode state as query parameters, but all query parameters […]