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Laravel Live Templates for PhpStorm

How to:

  1. Go to Preferences | Tools | Settings Repository
  2. Add Read-only Source
  3. Restart PhpStorm.
  4. To see all templates, go to Preferences | Live Templates and expand the Template Group.

It’s hard to remember shortcuts when there are a large number of options. A more efficient way is to take advantage of PhpStorm’s Insert Live Template shortcut. Type as few or as many letters as you want and press Cmd + J. Then continue typing to filter the options.

For example, for the Schema Builder, type Sc or Sch or Schema and press Cmd + J.

Note: In the preview version of PhpStorm 8, live templates show up automatically as you type the first few letters. You should still press Cmd + J to filter out everything else (classes, variables, etc).

Supported Live Templates


Route Annotations Screenshot

Tip: Type @ and then Cmd+J inside a docblock to see the options.


Laravel Blade Screenshot

Requests & Input

Laravel Input Screenshot

Laravel Input Screenshot

Laravel Requests Screenshot

Laravel Cookie Screenshot

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