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Performant React Native image component.

FastImage example app.

React Native’s Image component handles image caching like browsers for the most part. If the server is returning proper cache control headers for images you’ll generally get the sort of built in caching behavior you’d have in a browser. Even so many people have noticed:

  • Flickering.
  • Cache misses.
  • Low performance loading from cache.
  • Low performance in general.
FastImage is an Image replacement that solves these issues. FastImage is a wrapper around SDWebImage (iOS) and Glide (Android).


    •  Aggressively cache images.
    •  Add authorization headers.
    •  Prioritize images.
    •  Preload images.
    •  GIF support.
  •  Border radius.


# Install
yarn add react-native-fast-image

# Automatic linking. (other linking methods listed below)
react-native link react-native-fast-image
import FastImage from 'react-native-fast-image'

const YourImage = () => (

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