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Real Estate business is growing so fast. If you want to expand your business through online then you will require a website. WordPress would be the best choice to build a website with it as lots of developers are developing themes related to Real Estate business. So we will make your task easy. We will pick some best themes already available in the marketplaces and will write about them in this article. So let’s start the article.

1. Real Estate – Listing WordPress theme

Real Estate - Listing WordPress theme

Build your real estate site quickly and easily with Real Estate Theme v2. This theme can be used to create a unique WordPress property attribute, a simple property Web site, or a complex property list directory.

The Real Estate theme features a completely operable frontal delivery system. Also, geared up to utilize the property delivery form and payment processing system. Your website has enough customization options to modify everything you want.

2. CitiLights – Real Estate WordPress Theme

CitiLights - Real Estate WordPress Theme

CitiLights is a theme devoted to real estate companies. It may be utilized to build real estate listings for websites or agencies and real estate brokers in 2018. It’s easy to use and flexible.

You can monetize as you want. Let’s create or submit subscription plans on a theme that supports geolocation functionality. This allows you to provide front-end properties and administrative agent profiles. This theme comes with all the simple options for customizing and dealing with the behavior of a website.

3. WP Pro Real Estate 6 – Estate Agency Templates

WP Pro Real Estate 6 - Estate Agency Templates

WP Real Estate Pro 6 WordPress theme is built for the Real Estate Brokers. It could be utilized in a commercial real estate, leasing services, etc. It has beautiful and packed features.

You can customize the shape of the home page by using the drag and drop homepage generator. It is processed through the portal to provide PayPal payment support to the front-end deposit system. You can specify how you want to see your look of the theme with very easy options. SEO optimization is available.

4. Bentuestu – Rental Property WordPress Theme

Bentuestu - Rental Property WordPress Theme

Bentuestu is a theme for managing the property. Fundamentally, you could utilize these features of the theme to show lease properties. The theme does not pack with the backlogged features.

Therefore, the theme lets you view rental features. They may be tenants of villas, rooms or guesthouses. The theme provides with the reservation calendar. Therefore, your customers can reserve online with the assistance of your website. It also has an advantage checker availability for viewer convenience.

5. Realto – WordPress Theme for Real Estate Companies

Realto - WordPress Theme for Real Estate Companies

Realto is a beautiful and simple real estate related agent website theme. It contains a modern and clean design.

Realto grants you to add features to the property post type. You could utilize the Visual Composer Pages Builder to build pages. This theme is provided with the management panel option to control easily the appearance of the website. SEO optimization is ready.

6. Solus – Property WordPress Themes

Solus - Property WordPress Themes

If you wish to build a Web presence for one property and you do not have a directory listings for real estate listings, Solus is the right choice for you. This is the ideal theme to enhance/promote your apartment, home or other shelters.

Solus can be easily customized using the Easy and Flexible Visibility option for use. A full-screen header photo can highlight your home image. It contains a pre-designed contact form. You have the capability to add text, videos, and photos to your real estate property.

7. Properta – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Properta - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Properta is a WordPress theme designed minimally but rich with features. It packs with all the options needed to build a property portal and is easy to use.

Properta provides the PayPal feature, with front-end submission features, advanced filters, and property management features. You could also utilize different monetization features in this theme to generate revenue. This allows you to forward and redirect property listings based on the location. Grants integration of the realia plugin to improve the theme.

8. Villareal – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Villareal - Real Estate WordPress Theme

VillaReal is a WordPress marvelous theme for real estate business. It contains features which allow you to build a submission for front-end and monetization options to make a nice portal of real estate listings.

With VillaReal, you could develop a website that displays your list and users or agents can submit their listing. Create and make presentations and make money with it. PayPal payment method is already implemented within it. SEO optimization is available.

9. Javo House – Estate Agents Listing Theme

Javo House - Estate Agents Listing Theme

A full-featured theme to create a real estate website by WordPress is named Javo. It contains a stylish and clean design.

The theme packs with easy to use options and a lot of abundant features. Includes all functionalities of front-end agent management, form management, Google Maps integration, and more. If you want to build clear, clean objects that are useful for your real estate business, then Javo service is your best option.

10. deCorum – Real Estate Theme from Themeshift

deCorum - Real Estate Theme from Themeshift

If you want to create a real estate website with large amounts of information and key features, the DeCorum of Themeshift will be the best theme for you.

Although the features of the theme are packed, they are really easy to utilize, but no complex to use. You can easily build a website and maintain your site easily. The best way to design column designs is to focus on displaying real estate property listings.


This list of real estate themes now has been completed. We hope this list will assist you to choose the right one according to your requirements. If seriously this article helps you then please do not forget to leave a comment in the comment section or give us a rating. Thanks a lot for reading this article. That is all for today. Have a nice day.

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