A React wrapper for Material Design (Web) Components https://jamesmfriedman.github.io/rmwc/

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A React (15 / 16) wrapper for the official Material Design (Web) Components v0.40.0 https://jamesmfriedman.github.io/rmwc/


  •  Uses Google’s official material-components-web library
  •  Includes Addon components for ones missing from the official spec
  •  Works in any version of React from 15.5.x to 16.5.x
  •  First class Typescript (Beta) and Flow Support
  •  Server-side rendering support
  •  Individually packaged and released components

Recent updates

See what’s new in 3.0.0 ???? https://opencollective.com/rmwc/updates/300

View all release notes ???? https://opencollective.com/rmwc/updates

View the changelog for detailed updates: https://github.com/jamesmfriedman/rmwc/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

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