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High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images. Uses the libvips library.


npm install sharp
yarn add sharp

The typical use case for this high speed Node.js module is to convert large images in common formats to smaller, web-friendly JPEG, PNG and WebP images of varying dimensions.

Resizing an image is typically 4x-5x faster than using the quickest ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick settings.

Colour spaces, embedded ICC profiles and alpha transparency channels are all handled correctly. Lanczos resampling ensures quality is not sacrificed for speed.

As well as image resizing, operations such as rotation, extraction, compositing and gamma correction are available.

Most modern 64-bit OS X, Windows and Linux systems running Node versions 6, 8 and 10 do not require any additional install or runtime dependencies.


const sharp = require('sharp');
  .resize(320, 240)
  .toFile('output.webp', (err, info) => ... );
  // A Promises/A+ promise is returned when callback is not provided.
  .then( data => ... )
  .catch( err => ... );
const roundedCorners = Buffer.from(

const roundedCornerResizer =
    .resize(200, 200)
    .overlayWith(roundedCorners, { cutout: true })


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