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???? Font Awesome, Feather, Material Design, and Octicons icon packs as Styled Components

???? styled-icons

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styled-icons provides the Font AwesomeFeatherMaterial Design, and Octicons icon packs as Styled Components, with full support for TypeScript types and tree-shaking / ES modules.

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yarn add styled-icons


npm install styled-icons --save

Additionally, you will need to have installed a version of styled-components, as styled-icons depends on styled-components as a peer dependency.

All Font Awesome (free), Feather, Material, and Octicon icons are available for preview at the Icon Explorer.

The entire icon packs are available via the main import and sub-imports:

import {material, octicons} from 'styled-icons'
import * as faBrands from 'styled-icons/fa-brands'
import * as faRegular from 'styled-icons/fa-regular'
import * as faSolid from 'styled-icons/fa-solid'
import * as feather from 'styled-icons/feather'
import * as material from 'styled-icons/material'
import * as octicons from 'styled-icons/octicons'

The icons are also available as individual imports – it is recommended that you import icons individually using ES modules along with a module bundler like Webpack or Rollup in order to enable tree-shaking. This means that the module bundler will remove unused icons from the final JavaScript bundle, saving bandwidth and speeding up loading:

import React, {Fragment} from 'react'
import {Account, Lock} from 'styled-icons/material'

const App = () => (
    <Account />
    <Lock />

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