License Terms

Our support covers theme-related or plugin-related questions and bugs or other issues that may occur when using the theme or plugin. Any kind of customization to the theme or plugin does not fall within the scope of our support agreement. You can read Envato Item Support Policy.

What’s included in item support

The support team is available during the support period to these terms:

  • Support team will answer specific technical questions which are related to the features and functionality of the theme or plugin.
  • Help you with issues regarding utilizing the theme or plugin and getting maximum value from its functionality.
  • If our plugin is conflicting with your existing theme then you may discuss with the support team for a solution.
  • Support team will guide how the theme is designed to function.
  • Any bug related issue will be solved via update.
  • If the user is willing to use our plugin or theme on multiple domains then he will need to obtain extended license or license for each domain.

What’s NOT included in item support

These terms are not included in support:

  • Free customization or modification request can not be granted.
  • Any request of the theme or plugin installation can not be entertained and if the user is willing to pay additional fee then we may install the theme or plugin for the user.
  • Any issues regarding your hosting or server environment can not be solved, in that case contact your provider.
  • Third-party assets request can not be fulfilled.
  • After support period expired no issue will be fixed. In that case please renew your support.
  • One license is for one site only and we will only resolve the issue that the user is facing for single domain only.
  • additional feature requests will fall under customization. However we will review that if the feature request can be added on our future updates. But the decision will depend on our team and you can not force us to add the feature.

Support Policy

All of our products include a six months support period and free lifetime product updates. After finishing the 6-month support period, you have an option to extend the support period for an additional 6 or 12 months. If you choose not to extend or renew your support, you will no longer be able to open new tickets regarding your issues or receive any technical assistance, but you still have access to all future update.

We have a modern, secure ticket system by ticksy to handle your requests. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s/plugin’s features or problems with the theme/plugin. We are not bound to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins. If you need assistance with anything other than minor customizations of your theme/plugin, we recommend enlisting the aid of a developer.

Before you open a ticket

We require that you follow these steps before submitting a new support ticket. So we can solve your issue quickly, and this benefits everyone and helps make the entire process more efficient.

We ask everyone who submits a ticket to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Always check the Theme/Plugin that your theme or plugin is updated and you are using the latest version of the plugin or latest version of the theme and plugins provided on that version of the theme
  3. Confirm that at first, you have searched our documentation to find an answer to your question.
  4. For the theme, disable any additional 3rd party plugins you may be used to see if that resolves the issue. Sometimes 3rd party plugins are conflicting.
  5. Our support response time is usually one business day and our weekend is Friday.
  6. We always suggest you to keep all of your issues to one ticket only as opening multiple tickets makes it difficult for us to keep a track of all the issues you are facing.
  7. Provide as much details of the issue as possible. It is better if you provide us with some screenshots or videos or explain with example what issues you are facing so that we can understand the issue and guide you with solution.

Extra Customizations

According to the Envato license terms this Help-Center is running to support possible bug fixes and installation problems that may arise with our software. Help with theme/plugin modifications is beyond the scope of this service, and it is not part of the purchase package.

We are defining customizations all the variations that are not part of the preset options of the admin panels and any HTMLPHPJavaScript and CSS files modifications which will alter the natural look and functionalities of our products.

If you need extra qualified customizations or modifications, then you can contact the support forum. Give full specifications and requirements. If developers are agreed while negotiating with you, then the developer will give you a cost estimation.