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It is extremely important to have a single platform for financial and operations information for unified vision and understanding and implementing of policies. Good job management software could provide Information on finger tips; it also helps in completing a huge volume of work by a simple procedure.

There are multiple options and software from where you can create Job for the employee or job seeker. When it is time to publish a job on your website, WordPress provides you with its great features to post jobs on your website.

Online Job Boards are being popular day by day as it makes easier to post jobs online. When it is time to do a little work of your own by posting jobs on WordPress, you can create your own job board by WP Job Manager.

In WordPress, you can create Job with the use of WP Job Manager. It is a lightweight plugin for adding job-board functionality to your WordPress website. Now, I am going to give you some great tips to create job board with WP Job Manager.

Create Job Board With WP Job Manager Plugin

Before we start our journey to create a job board in WordPress, please do back up your website. As we are going to install and activate some new themes and plugins that can cause serious changes on your website. So, it is a good idea to make a back up of your current website with WordPress back up plugin or make a back up from your c-panel.

The WP Job Manager WordPress Plugin

The WP Job Manager is a free WordPress plugin you can install it from WordPress.org. It enables you to create a simple but dynamic Job Board to manage and post job listings directly from WordPress admin dashboard. You can even post a job from a job submission form.

WP Job Manager PluginThere is shortcodes facility to make a various format of the job, make a list of jobs, and much more. The main feature of the plugin is that you can have an employer dashboard from where the employer can log in to view, edit and delete their job listing.

The plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for the job seeker and job provider as well. It allows the options to post a job from the registered users. Not only that, you can post jobs manually by going to the dashboard of your website. It also provides premium add-on support when you purchase the premium package of the plugin. Let’s go through the step by step procedure to create Job Board with this great plugin.

Install and Configure WP Job Manager


Once you are done with the installation of the plugin, you can begin configuring the plugin for your specific job board needs. The settings section of the plugin is divided into two sections.

  1. Job Listings
  2. Job Submission


Let’s discuss on the section to know how they can help you to set up a perfect Job Board in WordPress.

Job Listings:


“Job Listings” allows you to put basic information on the way jobs are displayed on your WordPress website. You can set Jobs per page. Not only that, you can hide or show filled positions from the Job Listings. You can even enable or disable the Job Categories.


Job Submission:

Job Submission” shows you how a particular job is submitted and determine whether the job requires a user account or not to submit a job application. You can set the listing duration with the use of “Job Submission”.

Create Job Categories


You can add the categories of your listed jobs such as Web Development, Writing, Illustration, NGO, Government Job, and much more. You can separate all jobs into several categories depending on your needs.

It’s an as easier as a normal blog post category to manage. Each category contains a name, slug of URL, and a description (if you want to provide). It is just like the creation of Post Categories. So, if you are familiar with normal blog posting, you can easily use Job Categories.

Create Job Types


You can then create job types with “Create Job Types” option. You can determine and fix whether the job types will be Full-Time, Part Time, Freelancer, and any other types you want to add for the jobs.


Create a new job listing in the dashboard


Now you are ready to post or list the first job on your WordPress website. You can now create your first Job Listing. The way of creating a new job listing is similar to create a new post or page. You need to enter a job title, have to write the job description on the post edit field and categorize the listing. You can even determine the type of the job.


With the Job Listing post, you will be able to have an additional panel that contains some extra fields. With the use of the extra field, you can add Job Location, Company Information, Job Expiration Date, and set the ability to mark the position as filled.


Displaying Job Listings


To display the job listings on your website, you just need to use the shortcodes of the jobs in the particular page or post (where you want to put the jobs). The shortcodes of the plugin let you enabled to make an output of your jobs in list format. Visitor or Job seeker can use the search and filter option to find the perfect and relevant jobs for them. They can search for the jobs by category, job type, keywords, and location.

The WP Job Manager is one of the best WordPress free plugins which has also premium add-ons to make your Job Board more beautiful and easy-to-use. It lets you enabled to create job board in WordPress by some small steps. Let me know if you’re ready to create a job board with WP Job Manager. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Is there a way to transfer contacts into my CRM (like Ontraport, Infusionsoft, etc) once people create their accounts in WP Job Manager? Does the WP Job Manager create a database that can be uploaded to my CRM?

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