Deadline - React coming soon template

Developed with React,
Next JS. & Gatsby JS.

Boot your server side rendering coming soon templates in minutes.

  • Seperate Gatsby Js and Next JS.
  • deployment friendly.
  • Monorepo Supported with Lerna Configuration.
  • Reusable components across different pages.
  • Styled System and Style Components are used.

Our Awesome Features


Seperate Project

We have provided seperate containers for both Next & Gatsby project for our customers.


Monorepo Support

We used Lerna for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages. We have provided every settings.


React Hooks

Hooks are an upcoming feature that lets you use state without writing a class.


Built in Components

We have provided a lot of useful build in components to make it easy for customers.


Fast Performance

Optimized for a smaller build size, faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements.


Elite Author Support

We can assure you the proper Elite Author support and faster response for our products..

Well Written Modular Components and
SendGrid Integrations for Newsletter.

We created reusable react components and used modern mono repo architecture (Lerna), so you can build multiple apps with common components. We have provided multilingual support and also ‘RTL’ support for our customers. We have provided complete SendGrid integration to our template for Newsletter/Contact Form.

Men with mobile

Multi Language Support & RTL Support

You can provide support for any languages by creating a language json file. It's simple and supper easy.

  • Provided a Language Switcher.
  • All settings are provided.
  • RTL supports are provided.

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Coming Soon Gatsby Template