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Best Directory WordPress Themes 2020

Here is a list of the best WordPress themes that you can use for almost any purpose. Some menu lists include a very smart guide and rich feature in WordPress themes.

Directory WordPress themes are gaining more popularity because of their usability and unlimited applications. This topic can be used for almost any purpose. Directory topics are another name for flexibility. You can decide what you want to do with it.

For example, the same directory topic that allows you to create a website for your hotel can be used to create a comprehensive directory listing all hotels in the region / state / country.



Listbook is truly scalable WordPress Directory theme. It’s built with pure Gutenberg blocks, with template builder support, where you will able to import blocks very easily to build your page. It’s super fast WordPress Theme, It has Algolia based full text searching system that makes it amazingly fast. It has frontend submission facility with all kind of restriction ability and user subscription. You don’t have to purchase any other plugin to run this theme, everything is included with it.

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ListingPro is a WordPress theme that emphasizes everything that you needed to launch an online directory.

Although ListingPro is the new WordPress theme, it was created by an experienced development team. This theme can be purchased, thanks to the feedback system used in the leading themeforest market, it takes a few clicks to see that it’s product record when it comes to production support only and professional WordPress themes. So, if you are looking for a WordPress word theme from a reputable source, then the ListRepro course already meets these requirements, the changelog already provides a good indication that the topic will be updated regularly for the coming weeks, months, and years.

When it comes to the same theme, ListingPro is really all you need to launch your first fully featured online directory with WordPress. As a result, you will not have to purchase any additional payment components to create and maintain your site. In the package, you will find a complete system review and evaluation, advanced search tool, intuitive interface list submission, administrator-managed ad manager and more. In fact, if you compare the list of lists associated with other WordPress directory topics listed, you probably have been affected.

Your monetization option is covered very well. ListingPro includes a feature manager tool to display your site ads. Features make it easy to create multiple subscription packages with payment options. Online payments are largely covered. You can create a list of the goals you’ve been asked to encourage your target audience to subscribe and control their lists.

Whatever list or online directory you want to create with WordPress, ListingPro does not just start but has a list of design and features to help you create a profitable business.

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DirectoryEngine is a mindblowing manual theme from the Team Ignites which follows in the footsteps of other application-built purpose topics.

As with other application themes from the definitions, I have put a lot of effort into making them as easy as possible to set up your website. The Quick Start guide will enable you to run your site at any point, allowing you to have a good overview of the different features and settings before you start adding content.

To allow you to build your custom page layouts which are designed for your preferences and those of your community, the theme makes use of content blocks and modules that can be dragged and dropped into place. These blocks include content units such as featured places, hot spots, recent reviews, services, testimonials, reviews, and categories. Units can also be added to any of the sidebar areas as widgets, giving you a lot of flexibility to build your home and internal page layouts.

For end users, submitting a list to your directory is very clear thanks to front-end rendering formats. The whole process is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website and does not even require any additional page loading thanks to the use of AJAX in its construction.

Every place added to the directory gets its own page which can be used to display that list. These individual pages can include maps, large images, videos, as well as all relevant business details.

When it comes to browsing the site, the theme of this directory makes it very easy for visitors to view data cards, while displaying relevant listings continuously without any page reloading for a smooth user experience.

Menus can be browsed by exploring the map, searching the directory, or filtering them using categories. Using site fields, users can filter results within a specific radius to find a business that is nearby. Users can also add lists to their favorites for quick access to visits back to your site.

DirectoryEngine is also a mobile friendly thanks to its responsive design. This ensures that those looking for a business or place of interest can easily avail as your guide, regardless of whether they are at home, work or on the go.

In summary, DirectGrain makes it easy to create your own page layouts thanks to drag-and-drop blocks and modular content, and comes with all the other features you expect from a modern guide topic, including a great looking design.

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The Listable is ideal for both local and international websites. So if you are in the process of building site listings with WordPress then this could be the topic for you.

If you want to create a forum website to highlight local attractions in your area, or you prefer to create a website for an income generating business directory, this topic gives you the option. With these settings, you can create multiple payment plans, including the free access option.

This then allows visitors to subscribe and start adding their lists to your directory, for a fee of your choice. If you create multiple pricing plans, it will automatically opt-in to create a pricing table to make it easier for your visitors to visit different options.

Depending on how you configure this theme, the directory can display a search form on your homepage that makes it easy for visitors to search your listings as soon as they arrive. In addition, you can also easily add category codes to your homepage, making it easier for your audience to filter lists by business type or engagement.

When it comes to adding menus to your directory, you as a site owner or admin can be added to both the background or through the front-end forms. Registered users on your hand can only add their content through custom frontend rendering templates.

One particularly special feature of the site is that additional functionality is provided by plugins, rather than being automatically bundled into the thread. This means that you only need to enable features that you plan to use, which prevents your WordPress installation becoming swollen with unnecessary features and icons.

Linkable combines professional looking design with some great monetization options to help you build a profitable directory site with WordPress.

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The Directory Apps Theme gives lots of opportunities to browse the list of users, such as using Integrated Google Maps, to filter, search by category and sub catching, and to see all the listings for a specific city. The theme is also a geo-tracker that uses viewer’s IP address to show the list of the nearest cities to the viewer to them.

Although the optional Geo-Tracker works on all devices, it creates mobile users with additional convenient directories, as they can see the nearest list to them if they do not get their current location. The theme is fully responsive for all size screens.

When your directory comes at a time of monetization, you can charge on every list basis, or setup subscription packages.

Paypal is supported outside the box, and additional add-on payment gateways can be added through directory add-ons. While using PayPal, review payments can be prepared for subscription packages.

The listings can use custom form builders to make forms through the form or submit them via the admin interface on a separate basis. The list can be bulk imported from a CSV file to save your time when creating directories. Site viewers can create user profiles and get email notifications on their list.

The directory is packed with a great theme with many great features. Thanks to all the highly structured, included custom post type builders of your directory structure and organization, as well as individual listing contents, this all makes the theme ideal for almost any type of listing, and a great choice for building a premium directory.

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The recently updated revision payments in Vantage has been updated to handle, which makes it cool to collect auto-pilot money. Although PayPal is supported outside the box, there are many extensions that you can use to increase the number of payment gateways you can use. As well as taking regular business listings, Vantage can also be used on the list for events such as a festival, or exhibition performed on a specific day or multiple days in which there is a separate event list.

With the facility, you can create a ‘Claimable List’ for your local area business, which can be claimed for fees by featured organizations. Unlike simplicial directory themes, Vintage is not linked to the cities in the list, so if you do not divide the cities, you will be allowed to create a directory that indicates larger geographical areas like states or entire countries, except for listings. There is a number of children themes available to change the look of your site.

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Listify A Directory List adds good feelings to all the features you need to create a website that works according to your preferences.

By focusing on great designs and with the ability to combine with the best directory-focused WordPress plugins, the listed developer did a great job to ensure you get the best of both worlds according to work and terms.

Some of these integration options are Open Tables, Reserves, Guesthuds and WooCommerce Booking, which allow you to reserve your visitors with reservations listed in your directory – a great selling point to attract advertisers to your website.

Before reaching your website, to ensure that your listing is standing among search engines, the listed theme includes support for rich snapshots. It helps to increase both your website’s rank and its click-through rate.

When it comes to monetizing your directory website, Listify options are not short, with the ability to display ads, charge users, add listings, and even view listings and access the website, but you decide to set up your fee structure, You can get lots of flexibility with this theme.

There is no reason to look like your list website countless other online directories, choosing the option to display full-width background video on your website’s homepage.

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ListGo has a wide range of websites that can help you create online listings and different types of directories with WordPress.

Thank you for the large selection of Default Directory Dummies, you should be able to find one that matches your design preferences and the items listed on your list. Demo content importer tool makes it easy to put the foundation for your WordPress online directory while ensuring settings and options when you are able to configure the site in the right way for your business.

The list is not frustrating when it comes to monetization options. If you select a fee charge for accessing a directory of your users or publishing a list on your site, you can easily set up resubscription subscriptions to ensure that your users are automatically paid from a regular schedule. You can use ListGo’s payment functionality to offer a free trial to your users, which automatically gets converted into payouts unless the user withdraws their plans. Members can take care of switching plans through their front-end form and membership area and managing their subscriptions. You can easily display ads on your website due to ad management features.

Other useful features of ListGo that can be used to improve your listings and directory websites are to provide local location identification, an upgraded search form that helps users find their users in order to find them properly, and provide useful mobile support for users. To go To use the feature list will not be easy, but it can help you impress potential advertisers will be presenting a professional appearance.

If you are listed in a consolidated tool that lists multiple designs combined with a wealth of features, ListGo can be a good option.

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9.Business Finder


PayPal merge into the Business Finder and repetitive payments are also accepted, billboard owners are billed without any additional work on your part. You can create multiple valuation packages, each with their own features and prices.

With a business finder, each list can also include links to relevant social profiles, as well as a gallery of personal images to showcase gifts. This directory theme for WordPress features a Geo Locator tool so that when a visitor lands on your site, they will automatically show the nearest list to their current location. The theme has five different titles that can be used on any page, including Google Maps, a revolution slider, or a static image.

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10.Service Finder


Service Finder will help you to create an online directory for business and service providers with WordPress.

Only your online directory will not be able to display the list, but visitors will be able to book a service through your website. It also creates a service market by creating a service market, as well as for a more traditional online directory.

Through PayPal and Stripe integration, service seekers enable your viewers to pay for services directly to your site. Your service providers also have the option to charge a fee to register your site or to create profiles and lists. Your site will also have the ability to help with bookings and manage timeslots, thanks to this theme’s advanced directory features. If you want to get a better idea of how this theme works, there is an online demo of the example admin and back-end fields of the example website.

Apart from all the features, you will also be able to create a professional service website, the service seeker has many features to make your website look great. When setting up your online directory, there will be a good selection of templates and layouts for you to choose from. While the theme’s control panel and settings you can personalize your site to get the right look

Service Finder is an advanced directory WordPress theme that will help your visitors find service providers.

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Wyzi is a powerful multifunctional business explorer and service provider directory WordPress theme.

This theme can be used in many ways because it makes a great choice that wants a lot of options for the expansion of their online directory website. The public makes a simple general listing site, a service provider directory, a real estate listing portal, and an online business directory easy to launch.

Each demo works slightly differently, how the listings are shown and how they interact with users, with different options. However, you can easily combine different elements from the demo to create the perfect platform for your online directory and listing websites. As Visual Composer Wyzi Theme Package, you can really customize almost every aspect of this theme through a thread and drop content editor.

While configuring your online directory listing settings, Wyzi has an impressive amount of options. WooCommerce takes care of things payment side by side with the library of add-ons, with different ways to collect and manage money from your users. Commissions can be collected on a separate transaction or you can charge only a flat fee for the ability to post the list on your site. Subscription payment packages can also be created.

If you want many monetization options for your online listings website, Wyzi Directory Theme can be a good choice.

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Javo is a wonderfully good-looking WordPress theme that includes a very amazing and eye-catching homepage layout. Large full-width background image slider on homepage gives an excellent job to display the best list of directories to encourage you to analyze the rest of your site.

Javo uses Google Maps to better and navigate your viewers’ map and then click the marker to know more about each of your listings. Personal listings pages will appeal to business because they get a great opportunity to provide a lot of information and pictures about their lists, while viewers may abandon user reviews to share their feedback with the community.

This directory theme pre-installs the Premium Visual Composer plugin, which means that you get access to a drag and drop page builder. It allows you to create custom page layouts with ease and then insert the contents of countless pages into those layouts, though not all visible editors.

Premium Slider Revolution Plugin is also included in Javo Theme to provide you the option to add professional and dynamic content and image slides in your posts and pages.

The developers of this theme have created a video tutorial in conformity with Jawo, which includes a walkthrough on setting up the theme and installing demo content. If you need further assistance, they provide you with a free installation service at any time to help you get started with your new directory website.

Front-end form for user submissions, a 100% responsive layout, and an upgraded search tool, Javo’s modern design is definitely worth the price for a test drive.

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13.Point Finder


Point Finder is a feature-packed directory for WordPress that gives you four modes to choose from.

Point finder theme makes this four demo easy to create different directory websites including a real estate listing site, a car dealer directory, a membership directory site and more general online directories including WordPress. However, you can customize many aspects of the theme, making it a better choice for more Bexpos needs.

Although Point Finder equips you with the right post type to collect relevant data for each post, you can easily add your own custom fields to each list type to make it more relevant to your project.

When it comes to monetization, there is no point finder option. Multiple payment gateways are supported, when it comes to payment collections you provide a range of options. You can create a paid subscription system that your visitors must sign-up to add a listing to your map. With attention, you can monetize your website by charging users on every post basis. You can combine these two methods even more flexible.

Point Finder You need to create a custom directory website with WordPress that will give you optional user reviews, email notifications, Google Maps integration and more.

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Dining Engine is not your general directory theme; Instead, it has been created with a purpose in mind.

This will help you to create a restaurant directory with WordPress. This is a single focus theme though you get enough flexibility to adapt it to other types of eateries, such as cafes, bistros, or delis. However, in its original, it is a dining focused directory theme.

The dining engine theme design is very modern and in line with the latest web design trends. Page transitions take place perfectly, due to the lack of page loads after most users work.

Thanks to the well-designed admin panel, backed-up is very intuitive to set up your website. There is also front-drag-and-drop functionality for organizing your home page. You can get a good selection of monetization options with DiningEngine, such as with the ability to charge additional users for optional upgrades as featured listings.

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15.Directory Theme


The directory theme of the premium press is packed with features that handle a large directory site with a common directory of WordPress. When it comes to earning money from a directory site, this theme has lots of options to help you. These include the ability to set an extra fee for each category of banner ads and AdSense space, membership package, one-stop list fee, and one listing is submitted.

The homepage is easily customizable thanks to the drag and drop tool which lets you reset the content of the page. A designer tool is easy to change colors used on the site. The theme comes with 30 free child themes even allowing you to change the look of your list website.

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16.The Navigator


The feature features an advanced submission form for making it very easy for visitors to submit their listing in your directory. The theme has recently been updated as fully responsive for use on mobile devices, as well as retina ready to take advantage of the next generation of the high-resolution screen now.

Compared to other directories and existing topics, it strongly focuses on posting a blog post to bloggers who want to publish their content regularly. If you want to take the content marketing process to increase the number of visitors, you can find their way to your website, but the powerful blogging features of the theme explorer will appeal to you.

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Among this long list, you may choose the right one. These directory Word Press themes are best in the market.

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