How To Build a Fashion E-Commerce Site With WordPress & WooCommerce

With Cartsy, you don’t get any fancy yet ultimately needless features advertised by most E-commerce themes. What you do get is a minimalistic design that is SEO friendly right off the bat. It also incorporates useful features such as Algolia integration for effective searching, Gutenberg blocks, MailChimp integration and many more! And most importantly, you don’t need to be a tech whiz or hire a team of tech whizzes to set it up - it’s that easy!

10 Best Fashion WordPress Themes in 2021

Fashion Wordpress themes are a great tool to set up your online fashion store. Doing so is very necessary these days as more people than ever are shopping online these days. The ongoing pandemic has also encouraged more people to shop online. To help you on choosing from a vast array of fashion e-commerce themes, here's our pick of 10 Wordpress fashion themes that we think are truly top notch.

Best Free Landing Page Templates for Startups

Startups need to be very savvy about creating a brand identity in order to maximize results without having to spend too much. Having an attractive website is often the first step in establishing a bold presence that lends credibility to the brand. Where to start though? There is no shortage of premium landing page templates

Medicine E-commerce Templates in 2020 - Welcome to Medsy

Medicine, being one of the key essentials of our lives – particularly during this pandemic, is a product that will always be in demand. While the current global crisis is wreaking havoc on traditional brick and mortar stores, E-commerce however, offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to address this demand for medicine through a virtual

WooCommerce VS Shopify: Who is the Winner?

E-Commerce business requires a platform to run. There are a lot of platforms to do E-Commerce business. So you could be easily confused about which platform you should choose. Among these platforms, people most of the time utilize WooCommerce or Shopify. Definitely, you will struggle to choose one from them because both of them are

Starting An Online Business During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Business during the Coronavirus pandemic is very challenging. This situation unlocks a lot of opportunity for Online business. People have to maintain lock-down imposed by their government in several countries. So the tendency to go shopping online increased at a very high rate. This time doing business online is profitable and helpful for the people

10 Steps To Start E-Commerce Business from Scratch

E-Commerce business is overgrowing around the world, and it has a huge opportunity. Nowadays, in this pandemic situation around the globe makes it more demandable. People have to be locked down at home, so this E-Commerce system is their only way to buy their necessary goods. That is why lots of entrepreneurs want to go

How a Landing Page can Redefine Your Business in 2020

Online visibility has become essential for businesses looking to scale up, especially within the past decade. In 2020 and moving forward, any entrepreneur or creator should be looking to bringing their product, service or app to the forefront of the cyber space. So, what’s the catch? The process of bringing a business online can seem

Build an eCommerce Site Using React Gatsby Shopify & Prismic

Picksy is a full-featured modern headless eCommerce app powered by Shopify, Prismic & Gatsby. If you are here, I guess by now you may have heard the term “Headless” or “Headless Shopify” when it comes to the next wave of bleeding-edge eCommerce builds. Most of the popular eCommerce platforms pushing it as “the next big

Best Ways to Find Top Digital Marketing News Online?

Digital marketing is the only industry, where marketers need to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and news. While world markets and financials are changing all the time, the business of online marketing and advertising is changing by the second. With so many different moving parts, staying updated with the fast and the breaking

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Web Hosting Service

For bloggers, developers, business owners, and others choosing the right web hosting service is a difficult choice. Getting it just right will provide you with a reliable and high performing host. You will also have an amazing time going through the difficulties that you face. While getting it wrong often leads to headaches and you quitting their

Best Directory WordPress Themes 2020

Here is a list of the [best WordPress themes]( that you can use for almost any purpose. Some menu lists include a very smart guide and rich feature in WordPress themes.

WooCommerce Rental and Booking Plugin

**WooCommerce** provides the best solution for an e-commerce platform for selling your products and services efficiently. It is the best free Plugin in the history of WordPress..

How to Build a Blog with React Gatsby Using StoryHub

Conclusion Now we came to the ending point of this article. We hope you have a great idea about this template. This is a highly rated template in the Envato marketplace. It has sold for more than 300 times. Without any hesitation, you can buy this template according to your requirements. That is all for

Build an Admin Dashboard Using React & GraphQL

Inst is a Minimalist React Dashboard built with React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL & Uber’s Base UI. It is very easy to use; GraphQL and TypeGraphQL are implemented. Inst is a Next.js GraphQL powered admin dashboard. Used progressive web application pattern, highly optimized for your next react application. You can use it for both Dashboard and

Build a Hotel Listing React App with TripFinder Template

React Next can be implemented for making a Hotel template. Today we will talk about such a Template which is based on React Next and solely developed keeping mind Hotel. So let us start the article. TripFinder - React Hotel Listing Template TripFinder is the fastest template built with React, NextJS, Context API, & Styled-Components.

Building A React & GraphQL Based ECommerce Website Using Pickbazar

There are lots of shopping templates available in several marketplaces. But choosing the right one is very difficult. Today we will talk about a shopping or eCommerce template named PickBazar developed by RedQ Inc. It is a new template published in the Envato marketplace. What is React and why should we use it? React is

Seasonal Pricing Addon for the RnB - WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

This Add-On is published by RedQ,Inc. To enhance existing WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin RnB. This add-on lets you set seasonal prices for each product via inventory on the WooCommerce based WordPress website. Prices can be decreased or increased for specific periods relative to the base price. Requirements Seasonal Pricing Add-on for the RnB 2 plugins should

Best WooCommerce Product Feed Plugins

This is the era of internet. Business has a new dimension because of this internet. E-commerce has achieved a new level nowadays. E-commerce is gaining more popularity day by day. WordPress is the best platform to maintain an E-commerce site. WooCommerce is the best plugin available in the market for E-commerce based WordPress sites. Lots

E-commerce Marketing Strategy 2020 You Need To Learn For Success

E-commerce is in full development around the world, but deploying an online store is driving a number of strategic issues for businesses. Many traders are trying to evolve today in the world of e-commerce. Some have even started testing their activity on a Facebook page or in dedicated communities on this social network before migrating

Create a Developer Portfolio or Personal Website Using React Template

In this present era entrepreneurs, freelancers, actors, musicians, and people from different occupations want to showcase their work via an online presence. This is the best way to reach to the farthest corner of the world where at least internet access is available. To maintain online presence a personal website is a must. It helps

12 Best React Redux Admin Dashboard 2020

ReactJs assists you to develop a responsive user interface very easily. It really does not matter how complicated the data structure is, you can generate interactive charts and UI elements smartly with the ReactJs. As you know that it is crafted and maintained by the Instagram and Facebook community, you actually do not need to

How To Make A Booking Website With WordPress Booking Plugin RnB

Any Kind of Booking businesses are now very profitable. Many entrepreneurs are coming forward to invest in this business sector. Nowadays a trend is very popular. This trend is to do business online via a website. Booking business has a very bright future to run online. So if an entrepreneur wants to run his booking

Best Private Message WordPress Plugin: YoBro

WordPress is a great platform to maintain social communication. A plugin capable of doing chat with the members of the sites really very interesting. Lots of WordPress developers are now developing chat plugins to do live chat. If you are trying to find the best private message WordPress plugins highly developed chatting plugin. Then you

Best Custom Post Type WordPress Plugin Alike

WordPress based sites are now increasing by number. Lots of plugins are developing every day for different purposes. For comparing WordPress posts, developers are developing a plugin on that cause. Alike is this kind of WordPress plugin which can compare WordPress posts. It will work with any post types or custom post types such as

Rental Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme: Turbo

The rental business is growing at a very fast speed. Meanwhile, rental business owners have a tendency to run their business online. It will require building a website. WordPress is the best way to do that. Lots of developers are now developing rental themes by keeping this on the mind. But the matter of fact

Use of Hackathon Participating for the Success of the Project

There is a lack of time always and thus it is best to use the same wisely. Thus, it is important that you decide right how best you can use time sensibly. This is when you have the effective application of hackathon to make the lucrative use of time. You can have the best participation

Registration Settings: Restrict Content and Menu Restrictions by UserPlace Plugin

Hello and Welcome to another article series of UserPlace a complete free WordPress membership plugin. This time the article is about the registry settings for your users. The Content restriction process of your site and also about the Menu restrictions process for your users. Registration Settings By default, WordPress disables the registration process in the site. You

How to Setup Coupon in your Membership Site With UserPlace Plugin

Hello good people, hope you all had a good day and we are ready with a new article of the UserPlace article series. This tile the article is about coupon creations and it’s usage with your membership site by using the UserPlace Plugin. So let’s dig into the article.  Userplace Coupon Coupon is the part where

Free WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress Membership Plugin is an essential right now for maintaining user accounts. There are lots of plugins available in several marketplaces. Most of them are paid WordPress Membership Plugin. A very few are free of cost. But those are very helpful. To earn by user subscription a WordPress site must be required a WordPress Membership Plugin free. It also

Best WordPress Chat Plugin of 2020

Are you aware of a fact that more than 67% of users on e-commerce sites have deserted their shopping carts without confirming a checkout? This number is really huge. People have a desire that their questions should be responded to immediately and those websites lose their sales due to customers thought of uncertainty with their

Top 5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

If you have a WordPress website, then you certainly know that there is a variety of plugins available that will allow you to enhance your site and your content .The hidden secret is to choose the best google analytics WordPress plugin. Some plugins are designed to add some extra security to your WP site, while

Best React & HTML Online Shopping Templates

Now a days online store or marketplace is getting more popularity. This is the age of the internet. People have the tendency to get reach to anything online. As a result, shopping is getting more momentum. If you want to run an online store then you will require a website. The HTML template is the

UserPlace Plugin - Setup Payment Gateway for Your Membership Site

Hello and welcome to the second part of UserPlace article series. (Fist article Intro To Userplace) As we all know, A complete free WordPress membership plugin available in This time the article is about Membership plugin with Payments Gateway set up. We will discuss each option step by step. After the UserPlace installation, the first thing we have to

Intro to UserPlace - A Complete Free WordPress Membership Plugin

UserPlace is one of the best free WordPress membership plugins for User Profile, Member Subscription, Restriction & Payments. It’ll help you to monetize your site, you will able to create plans, subscriptions, and restrictions that apply into view level and submission level. This article is the first part of the article series of UserPlace. In this

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Nowadays every WordPress sites need an exotic menu. Mega menu plugin functionality is the solution for an exotic menu. But the theme you are using should have the support of Mega Menu unless you can not have this functionality. WordPress developers are now developing lots of plugins based on Mega Menu. So we will try

Best WordPress Advanced Search Plugin Reactive Pro

Nowadays a website contains a huge volume of information and data. Especially an e-commerce site contains an enormous amount of categories and information. Most of these sites are built on WordPress, as WordPress is the easiest platform to build such websites. So, lots of WordPress developers are developing a plugin related to the search. If

Best WordPress Booking Plugin RnB

This is an era of Internet and every business nowadays has a tendency to run through online. There are several kinds of booking business appeared all around the globe. Hotel booking, car booking, taxi booking, apartment booking, bike booking, there are lots of booking types are now available. These booking businesses have a very good future

How To Make Your Search Page With Avada Theme And Reactive Pro Plugin

Nowadays a website contains a huge volume of information and data. Especially an e-commerce site contains an enormous amount of categories and information. Most of these sites are built on WordPress, as WordPress is the easiest platform to build such websites. So, lots of WordPress developers are developing a plugin related to the search. If

Best Car Rental WordPress Themes for Taxi and Car Rental Business

Car rental, booking, reservation through online is a new phenomenon. On WordPress, there are lots of themes. By these themes, anybody can start his own business. So, we are thinking about to make an article on this matter. We will talk about 15 best premium Car booking, rental, reservation themes on this topic. Let us

How to create a Bike Rental and Booking site with RnB

There are lots of plugins for bike rental and booking over there, to find a good one is really a tough job, lots of garbage things are also available over the internet. You cannot afford to choose among one of them without knowing well. But among them, if you choose “RnB” then it would be

Rating Builder WP Free Plugin ( Review and Installation )

Welcome to Rating Builder Plugin by RedQ Team. The main aim of this plugin is to set rating and review system for any public post type. You can use rating with and without comments. Can be integrated to WooCommerce. Rating builder also supports any custom post type. You can build any type of rating with

Free WordPress Photography Themes

Photography is an amazing skill. If you think that having a good camera can make you a great photographer that is not correct. A photographer must have the eye to pick a great photo out of anything. If you are about to design site for a great photographer where he or she will showcase the

Why My WordPress Post Comparison Is Better Than Yours

WordPress post comparison is a pretty common feature when you run a real estate site or a car dealership site, or electronic products and so on. Your customers may want to compare any kind of posts before they continue to buy or order. That's why you will look for a WordPress post comparison plugin. WordPress

How To Create Booking System With WooCommerce?

As we all know, WooCommerce is the best e-commerce platform for WordPress for selling your services and products easily. It is a well recognised free WordPress Plugin. But if you want to create booking system with WooCommerce, a very expensive solution is provided by WooCommerce with their add ons . Today , i will show you

5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

It is important these days to optimize your online marketing. WordPress is one of the best ways that can help you make money online. Most internet marketers have their own WordPress site, which is why if you want to take advantage of your venture, you need to consider it. Moreover, it is a must to

Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Website

There are several features that will verify a blog's bounce rate. In short definition, the bounce rate is technically the ratio of visitors to a website or blog who leaves after viewing a single page. As a developer, it is essential to reduce bounce rate of your website. If the bounce rate for a blog

Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very cheap and powerful marketing tool if the process is done correctly, however, there are a myriad of choices that present themselves to the small business owner. On the other hand you could just send out emails from your own account, however, you will run the risk of getting your email

The 10 Top Reasons To Choose Wordpress For Your Next Website

WordPress is one of the most flexible and used content managers (CMS) in the world. But what is that about a content manager? And what advantages does it have to use it to create my website? WordPress is a system that allows us to create all kinds of websites: blogs, online stores, corporate websites, forums,