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Best Free Landing Page Templates for Startups

Startups need to be very savvy about creating a brand identity in order to maximize results without having to spend too much. Having an attractive website is often the first step in establishing a bold presence that lends credibility to the brand. Where to start though? There is no shortage of premium landing page templates online that look flashy but also cost money. Not to worry though - here’s a list of attractive free landing page templates that are bound to add a touch of flair to your business without costing you a single penny!


These startup landing page templates are all packed with powerful features that not only make the front end look good, but also make it easy to integrate with your back end. On top of being free, these landing page templates are React and Gatsby based. This means right off the bat, these templates are SEO friendly and are also blazing fast. Moreover, using the Gatsby framework also lends an additional security element to your website. Aside from these, all the landing page templates come with Mailchimp integration. As a result, keeping your leads and contacts updated with your work is now that much easier!

Now let’s go take a look at these incredible free landing page templates:

SaaS Modern

SaaS Modern Landing Page Template

This landing page template is perfect for startups operating in the SaaS sector. Developed on the ‘Less is More’ creed, this minimalistic landing page template offers a modern look for your startup while incorporating all the core elements necessary for an effective landing page.

SaaS Classic

SaaS Classic Landing Page Template

Continuing with the ‘Less is More’ ethos, the Classic landing page template design is rooted in tradition. Established brands worldwide continue to adopt similar simplistic designs - which tells us that this design works! And why fix something that’s not broken, right?

App Modern

App Modern Landing Page Template

Got a killer app idea that’ll be the net viral sensation? Or already got an app that you want to introduce to the world? Then this landing page template is just the one for it! This landing page template gives you the chance to build your website with your flagship app as the centerpiece.

Agency Modern

Agency Modern Landing Page Template

This landing page template has been designed with creative agencies in mind. You know you’ve got the creative chops; now share it with the world with this bright, attractive landing page template! The colourful layout is sure to make prospective clients take notice, and make them stay long enough to become part of your pipeline.

Agency Minimal

Agency Minimal Landing Page Template

Yet another flag bearer of the ‘Less is More’ philosophy, this landing page template lets you tell your story without being distracting. Flashy banners and colourful pop ups may be good to look at momentarily, but they also tend to draw attention away from your core message. This template lets you showcase your true essence without having to rely on unnecessary fluff.

Agency Classic

Agency Classic Landing Page Template

Things are labelled ‘Classic’ for a reason - they are tried, tested and have stood the test of time. Same goes for this design element. Rooted in the simplistic yet clean heritage of old school landing page templates, this design lends you that coveted aura of sleek sophistication. And for free!

These landing page templates have been designed with startups in mind. Nevertheless, their true genius lies in the fact that these templates are super versatile and adaptable, regardless of the nature of your business.

In this cutthroat age of digitization where every penny counts, get an edge over the competition and establish your online presence with these incredible free landing page templates!

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