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Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Website

There are several features that will verify a blog's bounce rate. In short definition, the bounce rate is technically the ratio of visitors to a website or blog who leaves after viewing a single page.


As a developer, it is essential to reduce bounce rate of your website. If the bounce rate for a blog is high, there are two options that could have influence this turn out: the page provides complete information and the visitor was able to get the answers needed promptly or the information provided was not what he or she was looking for. If you've set up your Google Analytics account you may have noticed that percentage count that says "Bounce Rate." Now you might probably think that Google pays no attention to this and it's just another number, well it's not! Here are some tips to reduce your WordPress website’s bounce rate:

Compress Your Images

Optimizing your images in WordPress can have a huge effect on your bounce rate. By reducing image file sizes before publishing them you will reduce the strain you place on your server and help your pages load faster.

With the rise in demand, more user-friendly technologies are hitting the market today. You can use graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to optimize your images. It’s the easiest way to minimize the sizes of your images to kilobytes. Beside these, there are some modern photography tools you can use to compress your images. In the Photoshop, just open your images and save them for web with the option “Save for Web”. This simple method can easily reduce the size but maintain the quality.

Reduce Bounce RatePicMonkey and Canva are among the many Graphic Design software popping up on the web lately. Of course, Photoshop and Illustrator are still kings when it comes to complex pixel perfect designs. But for your average designer looking to create quick images for the blog, these new tools are becoming extremely handy.

In the end, regardless of how your compress your images the important thing is that you do it in order to help reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Write Good Content

Content writing is slowly becoming the mother of all professions. How often do you get a profession which pays lucratively for penning down thoughts and ideas? Well like any other profession, in content writing, a tremendous amount of skills and arts are involved which is the secret of a successful content writer. So, be a content a writer to write the best user-friendly contents for your website or hire a good content writer.

If you want your business website to earn profit all around the globe, your website has to be an eye catcher for visitors on the internet. There are lots of big names on the internet these days and to overtake them the website of your business needs to have an excellent content that carries your voice to the customers.

content is king- Reduce Bounce Rate "Content is king" is a popular term to the extent that it sounds cliché. The truth is that the content you use is of great importance as it plays a huge role in not only increase your rank in the search engine results, but it also determines the traffic you get and the number of people who share your content. For you to write good content for SEO you need to follow these tips:

  • Have a great title: This is the first thing that people see when they search for your content.
  • Believe the customer is in front of you: When you write some content, you must think that the customer is in front of you.
  • When a customer or prospect is in front of you, what do talk about? Write it down.
  • What problem do you solve or what benefit do you bring when you're talking to a customer or prospect? Write according to that.
  • What is the style of your conversations when you're talking to customers and prospects? Do follow the conversation.

Improve Your Content’s Readability:

One of the best reasons that your target visitors might leave your website is a lack of content’s readability. The user always looks for the website with the content of reader-friendly. If the user cannot read your published content easily or cannot understand the complex words used in the content. This causes the increased rate of bounce from your website.

To reduce bounce rate, you can follow some rules:

  • Make the headline Bold and Big in size.
  • Use bullet points to make the article easier to read.
  • Use plenty of images, charts, and especially the blockquotes from famous persons to make the content more reader friendly and attractive.
  • Use optimized image for the content and maintain the quality of the image.
  • Avoid using complex sentence and words.

Target Keywords with High-Value Traffic

You can use every strategy when implementing search engine optimization. However, there are no substitutes for good keyword research and keyword optimization. But, what's next after you've diligently done your keyword research?

It is crucial to not only utilize good keyword research for implementing good keyword optimization but knowing how to place your keywords in your content is just as important.

To reduce bounce rate of your WordPress website, it is very important to choose right keywords for your website content. If you want to reduce the bounce rate of your website and improve search performance, you should target high-value keywords. Because that is the effective way to increase the visit of your website. The difference between the best web design and the also-rans is small. The difference between text that can be read and can't be anything from the color of background you choose to the type of font to the color of the text. Here we have some tried and tested methods for building a web design that increases conversions and improves a visitor experience.

Thus, how you can effectively reduce the bounce rate of your WordPress website. "My bounce rate's gone crazy! What do I do?" Relax! Keep your website visitors engaged and clicking on the interior pages of your site, instead of bouncing off the home page as soon as they arrive.

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