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How a Landing Page can Redefine Your Business in 2020

Online visibility has become essential for businesses looking to scale up, especially within the past decade. In 2020 and moving forward, any entrepreneur or creator should be looking to bringing their product, service or app to the forefront of the cyber space. So, what’s the catch? The process of bringing a business online can seem like a tedious and long development cycle, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Landing pages have slowly become the “go to” option for businesses who want to generate leads and sales while growing their traffic and potentially popularizing their offerings to a lucrative audience.


Not every businessman is a web development expert or understands the intricacies of developing a piece of real estate on the internet, but being tech savvy has moved from being an extracurricular skill to a necessity. Having access to the internet means you have access to a world of tools including react based landing pages that are highly responsive, they come with extremely adaptable and customizable infrastructures that assist you to quickly having your own page that your potential customers can access and see all that you have to offer. There are no limitations to this; you could be promoting goods, services, digital products or SaaS apps, or your business. The landing page was built to adapt to your needs to that you appear online as you wish to be viewed by your audience.


Modern problems require modern solutions and that’s what landing page templates are here to do. The one we’re putting under the magnifying glass here is SuperProps, a React based landing page template that is easy to set up and could quickly help you get online and on your customers’ radar. To begin with the technical information, these landing page templates are powered by React, Next JS,Gatsby JS & Styled Components. Tech jargon aside, how can SuperProps benefit your business?

The large number of options and adaptive variations of landing page templates are guaranteed to set up your business regardless of your goals and targeted achievements. Although the react based landing pages can be developed for almost any business you can think of, SuperProps have developed a series of demos including both modern and classic adaptions for businesses in the following fields to bring light to the potential of such landing pages:

SaaS Providers:

SaaS provider

If you are a SaaS provider, you have an audience to reach out to you and your marketing goals are focused on the software itself and should be designed accordingly. The landing pages visually represent an architecture built to sell and promote your software with accommodations to highlight your USPs, your credentials, pricing plans and a platform for your customers to get in touch with you. Similar to the landing pages we’ll see further down the line, SuperProps provides an adaptable and highly responsive platform that is easy to develop and follows the best practices of effective landing pages used by business worldwide.

App Creators/Developers:

App Creators

The developers behind SuperProps have created blueprints for effectively promoting your apps by injecting global standards of effective landing pages. How do you reel in a customer to use your app? How do you communicate the pros of using your app? What do other customers have to say about this app? How much does it cost? These are questions well addressed and answered visually with these landing page demos that are optimized for building an audience for your App.

Crypto Exchanges:

Crypto Exchanges

A lot of business have a very specific and niche audience in mind that they want to appeal to. A simply and recently popular example would be companies in the world of crypto currency. You could have the next revolutionary digital currency or wallet that the world desperately needs, but if you don’t have a solid online presence (demo alert) for your audience to access don’t expect to be garnering followers anytime soon.



Agencies, be it digital, software development or advertising focused, are constantly looking for ways to drive the right audiences towards their service offerings. A proper promotional web page could be the perfect solution to give a comprehensive sales pitch to potential clients and have the ability to communicate with them one on one. These demos show exactly how easy it is to get started advertising your organization and promoting it to the right people.

The type of companies that can benefit today from a well-planned out landing page template are endless. The diversity of businesses exhibited in the SuperProps demo catalogue is immense including templates for charities, ride sharing services, delivery services, web hosting companies, personal portfolios for creators. As any type of promotion, choosing the right landing page template and the supportive technologies requires extensive planning and that’s what SuperProps does for you. These templates give you convenient, ready to implement solutions to establish your business online as you want it for the world to see.

SuperProp Demos

Now we’ve seen the wide range of features that landing page templates such as SuperProps offers, but how do these landing pages benefit your business?

They Condense Your Business Goals to a Single Page

By doing so, you are bringing in key audiences who will be able to see all the values that your organization provides in condensed format. Your message to your customers without a buffer!

They Help You Generate Leads, Data & Insights

By allowing your customers to drop a line or leave their email address, your landing page could help you generate potential leads that could become lifelong customers.

They Help You Increase Sales

Condensing all your offerings to a page is a great way to keep your customers’ attentions. If what your selling is a good product, more views will equal more sales for your business.

They Complement Your Paid Ad Campaigns

If you are running ad campaigns, a landing page is the perfect way to expand your ad towards customer interactions. In 2020, customers are always looking for customized and interactive experiences.

They Build Brand Awareness

Whether you’re advertising on Google or social media platforms, redirecting your audience to a landing page that is representative of your brand and its identity can help you build your brand and embed its elements into the mind of your customers.

When it comes down to it, business often depends on timing and timing is crucial. Given how 2020 has begun with corona virus looming in the background, it’s important for entrepreneurs and creators to get onto the cyber space as smooth and easy. Promotion in the cyberspace is often competitive and having a unique presence using landing pages can do wonders for your business traffic-wise.

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