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Best Ways to Find Top Digital Marketing News Online?

Digital marketing is the only industry, where marketers need to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and news. While world markets and financials are changing all the time, the business of online marketing and advertising is changing by the second. With so many different moving parts, staying updated with the fast and the breaking digital marketing news is very much tricky or difficult.


But you do not get worried, while we are here for you to offer the best ways to find the top digital marketing news online. Here we are sharing the best, easy to use, and highly-secure websites, which can help in staying up to date with digital marketing.

Why staying updated with the latest news is essential in digital marketing?

Have you ever thought that why people who are working in a digital marketing platform gets no more jobs, salary hike, or growth? Then we want to tell you, the basic reason behind that, they do not make themselves to get updated with the latest technology.

Best way to find out digital marketing news online

Internet is the only way, which can help a digital marketer in staying updated with the latest news. From the internet, you can find out millions of websites, to read out the latest marketing news.

The biggest question that arises into the mind, which is the best among all of them. If you are working in a digital marketing platform, then you do not get worried as we offer the list of the top and trending websites, which can help you in boosting your digital marketing knowledge. So, have a look below.

Best news websites for Digital marketing Professionals that you must bookmark right now

  • Stacked Marketer
  • Search Engine Land
  • Small Business trends
  • Social media Examiner
  • Copy Blogger
  • Conversion rate Optimization News
  • The Verge

Stacked Marketer

Stacked Marketer is on the top of our list of the websites for staying updated with the digital marketing news. In the case, if you do not have time to visit their website, then you can subscribe to their newsletter. They send fresh news to their readers on a weekday at 1 pm CET.

The team of the stacked marketer ensures that their reader will not spend a lot of their time on reading the news. They send short and concise news to their readers so that it takes only 5 mins in reading the whole news.

Search Engine Land

If you are a digital marketing specialist, then you may hear about the search engine land. Besides offering the best digital marketing news, they offer the readers to be part of the Search Marketing Expo or SMX, which is organized by them every year.

If you are seeking for the how-to articles, then it will be the best choice for you.

Small Business Trends

It is the platform, from where you can read the news not only related to digital marketing, but you can also read out the news related to the management, technology, finances and many more.  Besides reading the news online, you can also advertise your small business on this website. It is the best website, using which you can connect along with the other business owners.

The disadvantage of small business trends is that it is more concerned about the small business owner rather than that of the digital marketers.

Social media Examiner

It is the website from where you can find out the latest digital marketing news, but you can also find out the best tips, which can help you boost your digital marketing campaign.

They share the best news or the experiments, which help the marketer in expanding their marketing campaign.

Copy Blogger

We cannot ignore the value of content in digital marketing. Copy blogger is the best platform, for all those who are seeking the latest news related to the content. It offers the digital marketers, the best strategies in terms of how to write content, what are the best tools, that a content writer must use for writing content and many more.

Conversion rate Optimization News

Stay updated with the news related to the conversion rate including what are the factors, which are impacting conversion rate in a website, why your conversion rate is low, etc. with the help of the news available on the site.

The disadvantage of using conversion rate optimization is that it only offers news related to the conversion rate nothing else. And for being the best digital marketing professional, you must know all the aspects of digital marketing not only in terms of conversion rate optimization news.

The Verge

When you want to learn miscellaneous digital marketing news, then it is the best website for you. Even though, from this website, you can learn about the robotics news as well.

It is the perfect platform for reading news related to social media and search engine optimization.

The disadvantage of using The Verge is that it is the best platform for those who are digital marketing experts. And the language, which is used on this website is quite tough, which make the beginner face difficulties in reading.

Trending Topics on Twitter

In addition to visiting each of the news sites listed above, it’s also important to keep an eye on what’s currently trending on Twitter. If you are already actively following many different brands and news sites on Twitter, you will find that their algorithm will start to show trending topics based on your interests.

At the same time, if you are following each of the sites mentioned above on social media, then you will see most of their recent tweets, updates and latest articles as well.

Favorite News Sites from Top Entrepreneurs

In addition to following the latest trends and your favorite news sites on Twitter, you should also explore your options with Facebook and brand Fan Pages as well.

One more bonus tip to add to the list, is to ask your favorite entrepreneurs and business owners what their favorite news sites are. This can be done in podcasts, blog interviews, at conferences or events or even in a round-up style post.

With so many site owners and bloggers in the world today, everyone is interested in sharing their expertise and opinion—especially when they are going to get something in return, in the form of extra exposure.


We hope that you have found the above websites and resources of the utmost value. When it comes to finding the best source for getting the latest news on digital marketing, there are plenty of options to choose from, but everyone is going to have their own preference in regards to if it's through email, television, on the radio or through social media.

With all of this in mind, choosing the best sites for digital marketing news is important as the industry is changing daily. Of the many different sites and brands mentioned, we highly recommend Stacked Marketer. The news that a digital marketer newsletter finds sends out on a daily basis is best for everyone, whether they are a beginner, intermediate or an expert.

So, do not wait to come and join the newsletter program by Stacked Marketer and stay updated with the latest news while not wasting your time.

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