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The 10 Top Reasons To Choose Wordpress For Your Next Website

WordPress is one of the most flexible and used content managers (CMS) in the world. But what is that about a content manager? And what advantages does it have to use it to create my website?

WordPress is a system that allows us to create all kinds of websites: blogs, online stores, corporate websites, forums, social networks, etc, managing all our publications from a management panel. cartsy-banner

Why Use Wordpress For A Website?

1. It's Free And Open Source

WordPress is free and has been developed under GPL license, allowing people and organizations to use, study, share and modify the software.

Much of the project has been developed by the WordPress community, people who dedicate time and effort voluntarily to test each launch, and remains associated with Automatic, the company founded by one of its creators.

2. WordPress Is The Most employed CMS In The World

Approximately 1 in 5 sites on the Internet has been created using WordPress, more than 12 million web pages, and 46 million users worldwide, according to

Also, many of the large international companies use WordPress, such as eBay, PlayStation, CNN, The New York Times, BBC America, and Linkedin.

That WordPress is one of the most used CMS, does not report advantages for the simple fact of being it, but that carries several significant facts. The first, consider that if so many people and organizations have chosen this system, not everyone should be wrong.

The second, that its enormous popularity may be due to other advantages such as its open license, ease of use and its characteristics as a CMS.

And, lastly, the extensive community of developers and professionals related to the platform which works daily giving it new functionality and greater security and that can quickly resolve the doubts and problems that arise when we start our web project.

3. Wordpress Is Easy To Use

WordPress has a very fast learning curve. Its administration panel is intuitive and allows in a very short time to have a good control of the platform.

It is easy to customize and manage. Editing content in WordPress, publishing new posts and pages or adding images is as simple as doing it in a word processor. In a very visual way, we will manage the pages of our site and the menus, we will easily add images, videos, and links, among other tasks.

However, its usability is not detrimental to its power, being one of the complete tools to boost your business on the Internet.

4. Thousands Of Options To Personalize Your Website

WordPress is based on two key elements to create and customize a web, themes and plugins. The themes allow us, roughly, to modify the design of a web in 5 seconds.

We can find many themes with different designs and adapt to the web that we want to create, changing the appearance of the page at any time without affecting the content.

In your official repository, you can find more than 2,700 free themes; you can also buy a theme or perhaps should you want the web with advanced features, and have no problems when you want to make changes in the future. Request a custom developed theme, so your web will never resemble another.

5. You Can Create Forums Using Wordpress

Plugins add extra functions to the web, and their installation process is just as simple. Currently, you can find more than 34,000 plugins in the WordPress repository with which you can create forums, share content on social networks, insert photo galleries, create forms, improve your website positioning, increase your security, create an online store or even a social network within your own website.

It's advisable to make moderate use of them as they can damage the fluidity with which our page loads and the good functioning of our site to find incompatibilities between them.

6. Improve The Organic Positioning (SEO) Of Your Web

WordPress is the CMS that will best position your content on the Internet. Its programming structure is very attractive to search engines and ensures that content published under this platform is indexed more quickly by search engines.

WordPress adheres to the W3C standards, being compatible with all browsers, automatic pings when updating the content of your website, allowing you to have friendly URLs, use tags and categories, and if all this is not enough, you can install specific plugins to add more SEO options. To put it another way, your WordPress page will get along very well with Google.

7. Security

WordPress has been harshly criticized for its vulnerability, and on many sites, it has been heard and read that WordPress is insecure without being true. A priori, any system in which there is a communication between the end user and the server that manages the databases is likely to be.

However, WordPress has evolved a lot in recent years and, today is a compact system in a constant review that daily works a huge community of developers who use their ingenuity to correct possible errors and security breaches.

In addition to the frequent updates of the system, we can find many plugins that allow us to manage the security of our WordPress, although it’s always advisable to be advised by specialized developers who help us to fortify our website against possible attackers. There are also specific plugins that help us perform automatic backups.

8. Optimal Maintenance

Periodically there will be updates to the platform and the themes and plugins that we have installed, which will correct aspects such as security, performance, and new functions. The system itself will notify us that these updates are available and with a single click we can install them from the administration panel.

Also, in the case where we need it, WordPress allows us very easy to migrate all our content to another server.

9. Scalability

WordPress allows your website to grow your business and be as big as you want. If you want you can start by creating a corporate website with information about your company and a contact form, later you can add all the functions you need a blog, a gallery with your projects, an online store integrating perfectly in that basic web with which you started. The possibilities to extend the functions and the design of your page will be practically endless.

10. Save Time As Well As Money

WordPress allows you to develop a web page in a very short time with a very agile development. Its ease of use, coupled with the possibility of self-managing your website and programming new content, make it a platform that promotes productivity, allowing you to manage your time and save costs.


Even for tailor-made developments, such as those sites you see out there, it's a clear advantage and a considerable saving of time and money for you.

Thus, these are just 10 reasons to think about WordPress for creating your personal or maybe company website. WordPress is straightforward to use and then does not need encoding expertise to create an internet site with it.

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