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How To Create Booking System With WooCommerce?

As we all know, WooCommerce is the best e-commerce platform for WordPress for selling your services and products easily. It is a well recognised free WordPress Plugin. But if you want to create booking system with WooCommerce, a very expensive solution is provided by WooCommerce with their add ons . Today , i will show you a cost effective and must needed plugin  to satisfy the need of your WooCommerce booking system.


How To Create Booking System With WooCommerce?

In this article, i will show you a complete guide on how to allow your website visitors to book an product through WordPress by using our WooCommerce booking system named WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System Plugin.


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WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System Plugin is a Complete rental & booking solution for your WordPress website , which is based on famous plugin named WooCommerce. The plugin will allow you to sell your products with both time and date based bookings. It creates a complete new product type named Rental product with other default product types like simple products, Group product, variable product. The rental product type is perfect for those who want to offer rental, services or booking to their WooCommerce site.

The WooCommerce Rental & Bookings Plugin is available in both free and premium version. The free version is available here . You will get a lot of features like General pricing, Unlimited attributes, Unlimited Availability checking , Date blocking and many more interesting Feature.

But, The premium version is a box of happiness for your booking site. It is available in CodeCanyon and one of the high selling WordPress booking plugin. You can check the link .


This WooCommerce booking systems Plugin will provide you all the cool features needed for your rental and booking. It will be the last WooCommerce Booking feature you will ever buy.

Unlimited Bookable Products

You can book unlimited products any time by creating a booking system with WooCommerce named WooCommerce Rental & Bookings Plugin.

Inventory Management for version up to 6.0

Inventory of this booking system will work in two simple steps.At first you have to create an inventory under your product and at this time you will not able to see the attributes fields like persons, resources, deposits , location etc (like first screen-shot). In this current situation, please click on the update button of the product. After updating the product, you will find the expand icon of inventory item, then click it and you will find all of your desired fields attached in the attributes (like second screen-shot).

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Inventory Management for version 7.0 and latest

Inventory is the most wanted feature and available now from v2.0.0 . Now if you have 5 same products, you don't need to create 5 individual products for them. You just need to create 1 product from inventory tab you need to configure these 5 same items.

Now every payable or non-payable attributes such as pickup location, drop-off locations, resources, person, security deposite, attributes, features are controlled with this inventory tab.

You must need to create inventory first and then attach the inventory with the product.

First you need to create your pickup location, drop-off locations, resources, person, security deposite, attributes, features and then attach these with the inventory.

Then you need to set the pricing of the inventory and the quantity of the inventory.

Product Availability Control

The product availability of this rental plugin is completely controlled by its inventory items.

Let me give an example for that. Imagine we have two inventory items available in a product. please look at the following screen-shot.

When you are going to publish the product, two child-post will be created in Inventorypost type .

Then the availability will be controlled with those child posts of the inventory items.

Request for a Quote

I will show you a screenshot on how request for a quote work.

Price Calculation

The RnB plugin supports four types of pricing .

  • General Price Configuration

  • Daily Price Configuration

  • Monthly Price Configuration

  • Day Range Price Calculation

  • Hourly Price Configuration

Our plugins support hourly pricing system if you want to book less than 1 day. However for that from the backend of the WooCommerce settings you need to unselect single day booking (if that is already selected).

Now our hourly pricing has two types : 1) General Hourly Pricing and, 2) Hourly Range Pricing.

  1. General Hourly Pricing

  2. Hourly Range Pricing

  • Flat Hour Pricing Configaration

This is the newest pricing plan of our rental plugin. It will work as flat hour rate.

  1. Working with General Hourly Pricing

  2. Working with Hourly Range Pricing

Price Discount

The WooCommerce Rental and Booking Plugin (RnB )also provides an important feature named price discount feature depending of booking days. The discount feature is available at Day Range pricing Plan. If you are an admin, you can set unlimited booking day-ranges price discount from the product back-end. This price discount in available in two possible ways:

  1. Fixed Price Basis
  2. Percentage Basis

Pickup and Return Location

You can set your Pickup Location and Drop-off locations by using this rental plugin. Actually, Pickup Location and Drop-off location are the taxonomies of inventory post type. You can find this option by going here Dashboard->Inventory->Pickup Location and by going Dashboard->Inventory->Dropoff Location. The most interesting feature is You are able to add unlimited pickup and drop-off locations by using this option. Then, you can add pickup cost and drop-off cost with this pickup and drop-off locations . How cool is that!!!

User Friendly Settings

You will find some options there

  • Display
  • Labels
  • Conditions
  • Validations

In Display option, you will get some options.

In Labels option, you can change all the Labels and Headings of the rental page.

In Conditions, you will get some logical conditions like add or block dates,date format settings,Time intervals etc.

And in the validation option, you will find a extra ordinary option named Daily basis opening and closing times.

Other Interesting Features

  • Choose Date Format

  • Unlimited Payable Resources

  • Payable/NonPayable Categories

  • Select Person As Adult/Child

  • Full Calendar Order Report

  • Google Calendar Integration

  • Email Notifications

  • Multilingual / Translation Ready

  • WPML Ready

You can read the full documentation of WooCommerce booking system plugin from here . A well written F.A.Q is also available in this link . The demo is also given.

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