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How to Improve Customer Retention on Your WordPress Site?

There are lots of WordPress sites on several types of topics. Few are surviving, few are on the brink of extinction. The customer is the prime reason behind the survival of any WordPress site. Without customer flow or presence a website is nothing but a garbage. Its existence will be meaningless without the required customer’s activity. So without any doubt, customer behavior is a matter of having the necessary good care and also need to be analyzed on a regular basis.


Naturally, you have to put a lot of efforts to make your website in a good working condition. But all of your efforts could go in vain if it lacks users or customers. So the customer is the heartbeat of any website. The website should be lucrative towards the users. Navigation should be easiest so the users will not fill any complexity during site navigation.

A WordPress site should contain elements which are user alluring and reader’s favorite. So the user’s behavior must be analyzed to fulfill their taste. Keeping old customer or user is the greatest policy to survive in the long run rather than trying of alluring new customer or user. The WordPress site should be updated on a regular basis so that the customers will not feel it boring to use.

Some facts are working behind customer retention. So we are preparing an article How to Improve Customer Retention on your WordPress Site? Let’s start the article.

Use WordPress Plugins Effectively

WordPress plugin is a great way to enrich functionalities and add specific features to your WordPress site. Without knowing about many programming strategies, they would only be installed into the site in the admin area.

According to a WordPress site’s requirements, there are several types of plugins are available to be installed.

SEO plugin

Visitors towards WordPress site can be increased by implementing an SEO plugin, Yoast is a great solution as an SEO plugin which can assist to optimize the search engine for achieving rankings.

Yoast SEO

Subscription or User Profile Plugin

To maintain and control the users or customers Subscription or User Profile Plugin is a must. Users and customers are unmanageable without this type of plugin. UserPlace is the best plugin in the market to solve this matter.


Plugin for Sharing

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are some social media which are very popular among the users and customers. They use them to share anything they want. So a WordPress site must need a plugin for sharing on social media. Shareaholic is the best plugin to do this job.


Plugin for Testimonials

Testimonials Widget is a plugin for testimonials. This plugin is really so handy and it can be implemented for testimonials to your WordPress site that will assist to improve the trust factors and give a social proof to your visitors. Testimonials Widget will encourage endorsement and increase credibility.

Testimonials Widget

Plugin for Related Posts

It is necessary to show related posts or articles in a specific related single article. To do this job there is a wonderful plugin named Yuzo. It loads so fast on browsers and also keeps pc fast loading. Related posts will be demonstrated as a widget so the users can navigate easily. This plugin contains basic functionality to directly insert related articles or posts into the new posts or articles. It offers over 50+ different designs to choose from.


AuthorBox Plugin

This is a type of plugin which the users are nowadays looking for as they are not only come to the blog just to read the article but also interested to learn about the author who has written this article. Starbox is this type of plugin. It demonstrates the author’s biography nicely. It also ensures that the article is not generated; actually, it is written by someone professional. it could be utilized to add the author’s biography on every post or page. It also lets you choose whether the author’s biography should be on the bottom or top of the page.


Plugin for Video Gallery

On your homepage, you can make your site look more interactive by embedding images and videos. Naturally, it lets the users acknowledged about all of your products and the services you are providing. So obviously you will need a Video Gallery plugin. Huge-It Video Gallery is this type of plugin which is designed to exhibit your existing videos through channels like Vimeo and Youtube in an awesome way.

Huge-It Video Gallery

Plugin for Google Maps

Google Maps is a good idea to locate your whereabouts clearly. To do this in WordPress you will require a plugin based on Google Maps. WP Google Maps is hat kind of plugin. It produces custom Google Map which contains locations, descriptions, links, and images.

WP Google Maps

Content Must be Well Organized

The content of your website is the main thing of your WordPress website and you can achieve the good impression from the readers if your contents are well organized. So, it is important to get good results to smooth things up before WordPress creates them directly on the WordPress site clearly.

So we made a list which should be considered:

  • Content should be truly interactive so that the visitors will love to spend time.
  • Relevancy is a must as well and should deliver the readers what they are exactly seeking, along with the wonderful presentation.
  • Decent and professional design should be preferred, as it is the first thing the visitor considering when they are visiting for the first time.
  • The layout must be the same for every individual page.
  • Large posts need to be divided into small portions for better readability and to acquire a maximum stay of users. Naturally, when a user has started to read a large post it will make him tire or make him bored, also he could forget from where he has started to read.

Effective Use of Keywords

In spite of the fact that you have written awesome good content, if it is not visible through the SERP program, then your website is much like a stupid platform. It will not assist you without a good web existence. So you required to use effective keywords so with which users want to search your website. These words must present into the title of the publication and content of the website.

If you find it difficult to think about related keywords according to the idea, then tools such as Moz, UberSuggest, WordTracker, and Keyword Tool Planner which you can use. These plugins provide suggestions for relevant keywords that other specialized sites already have.

Allow Cross-linking to get better Suggestions for Users

You can include links to relevant blog posts on your WordPress site so that users can learn more about a topic. This is a great assistance to those who reach you for the first time without any ideas about the use of this site’s navigation. So, with the click on the relevant post, they can go to another page or link by which they could discover a new post.

It can be done by hyperlink and related link text in this content or by giving a sidebar at the bottom or right portion of the post. So from there, users can access your other posts containing the same subject line.

Use Google AdWords Remarketing Ads

You can restore viewers who have visited your website using Google AdWords remarketing ads. These banner ads will serve past visitors to your website after tagging them with cookies (usually used tracking files). These displayed ads appear on millions of other websites visited by these potential customers. Websites such as, ESPN, and even Gmail results are top notch for months or months after your brand leaves your website. It can be a powerful strategy to try for yourself, but we can recommend working with PPC Management Company to implement this strategy, with an advanced segmentation based on the visitor they have visited on your site.

Perform Guest Blogging

Publishing Guest Post written by professional article writers is a smart way to produce high-quality content. This kind of writing highlights a different point of view on one topic and gives something interesting and out of the box. People can get to know the same way before, but that is not how the writer can express it.

Another advantage of collaboration is the huge opportunity for bloggers. They can publish your website constantly on the Internet.

Social Media Sharing

It is clear that the reader comes by default if your name is present in many places over the internet. Social Media is a comprehensive platform for communication where you can advocate your business by sharing links associated with your provided services. Share your posts, presentations, videos, related photos, and other content that enhance your business by increasing traffic. Customers or users could reach your site by clicking on the shared link across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. This should be a good idea for better user flow towards your website.

Social Media Sharing

Focus on Mobile Traffic

WordPress CMS has themes which are mobile-friendly, obviously this an outstanding feature of using it. Google is now giving a priority for mobile-friendly sites, and this feature is a landmark in terms of good rankings. However, it is not enough to create a mobile site if it does not work correctly. Removing unnecessary components to run flawlessly on your site is crucial. You can exclude unnecessary graphics, sidebars, and ads that may limit site load speed. Also, need to ensure that the contact model, enhanced forms, and calls to action are working well on the mobile platform.

Reduce Site Weight to Run it Fast

Loading speed of a page is a very important matter as a Google ranking factor, which started to think about page viewers. There is a waiting time for a visitor to turn on your site, it should not be so long. The superior materials may not be able to protect your site in any way, certainly, if the user has overwhelmed by the slow site. Make sure you select the right web host that supports your all necessities, especially bandwidth.

Keep Frequent Check on Analytics Data

It is necessary that you work in Analytics to find out the incidents of your WordPress sites, which can keep users on your website for a long time. It gives you a full understanding of a page which is lacking viewers or a page that has good traffic. While analyzing the same issues and working in the areas which are required improvement may give outstanding results in a short period of time.

Create A Loyalty Program

It is hard to distinguish yourself from competition; why do you offer your customers basically the same as other companies, and so why do they choose your business?

So loyalty programs come forward to solve this issue. Customers could have the offer of a kind of incentive for their recurring business. It can be a discount, a free product, or another prize. The number of purchase or credit points of buyers allows them to track and track the remaining amounts they have to go to the next prize. Please consider taking advantage of the psychological use of the gamification and using different tiers of achievement to inspire them for multiple purchases.

Be Open and Honest

As a consumer, you discover that what can happen is frustrating and quickly discovers that these discoveries do not correspond to the expectations. One of the biggest errors that you can make as a Web developer is excessive compliance and subdivision. No need to say always yes to the customers although you are not capable of it.

Without any doubt, honesty is the best policy and should communicate more with the customers about your price, process, and project progress. Your client may not be able to realize all the business logic or technical details, but you would be appreciated by them when you are honest to what you can deliver to them and what you can not.


Hope after reading this article you have learned about those real facts behind Customer Retention on your WordPress site. If his article really assists you then please do not forget to give us a good rating or leave a comment in comment section. It really inspires us to deliver you more quality articles. That is all for today. Have a nice day.

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