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Best WordPress Booking Plugin RnB


This is an era of Internet and every business nowadays has a tendency to run through online. There are several kinds of booking business appeared all around the globe. Hotel booking, car booking, taxi booking, apartment booking, bike booking, there are lots of booking types are now available. These booking businesses have a very good future to run through the online system. So, naturally to run the booking business through online an entrepreneur must need a website. To build a website, WordPress is the best and easiest medium. Lots of developers also paying attention to this matter as it has a very bright future. So, they step forward to build plugins to run a booking related website. As a result, there are lots of plugins developer already working on it. If you try to find the best WordPress booking plugin around all the marketplaces, then you will find lots of plugins already been published. But a very few are worthy and versatile. If one plugin has some features then another plugin has some such features these are missing on the first one.

There is one plugin which compliments all features a customer might require. This plugin is none other than the "WooCommerce Rental And Booking Plugin" and shortly it is named "RnB". Let's talk about this versatile plugin.

Those websites built on WooCommerce based WordPress can make it a reality to their rental solution and private booking with "RnB" plugin. It is very simple and it is too productive, an ideal solution for anyone to implement it on their WooCommerce based WordPress websites. Do you need booking or renting cars? Are you having a bike rental shop? Do you have a business solely focus on renting apartments? Do you have a hotel business? So your tension could be on an end now. RnB is there for you, a paid best WordPress booking plugin that remarkably integrates into your ongoing business website with full rental assets and booking. This plugin will let you sell your date or time-based rental and booking services. It allows you to create a new product type for your WooCommerce site. This plugin is fully compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce version. Let's talk about its features and integrations.

Features :

This plugin provides plenty of features.
  • Unlimited Bookable Products. (Cool Feature)
  • Inventory Management. (Hot Feature)
  • Product Availability Control. (Hot Feature)
  • Request For a Quote. (Super Hot Feature)
  • Price Discount. (Cool Feature)
  • Choose Date Format.
  • General Price Configuration. (Hot Feature)
  • Daily Price Configuration. (Hot Feature)
  • Monthly Price Configuration. (Hot Feature)
  • Day ranges Price Configuration. (Hot Feature)
  • Hourly Price Configuration.
  • Pickup and Return Location Cost. (Cool Feature)
  • Unlimited Payable Resources. (Cool Feature)
  • Daily or Onetime basis Resource Cost.
  • Payable and Non-Payable categories. (Hot Feature)
  • Set Quantity on Category.
  • Daily or Onetime basis Category Cost.
  • Category as Compulsory or Optional.
  • Unlimited Payable Security Deposit. (Cool Feature)
  • Deposit as Mandatory or Optional. (Cool Feature)
  • Payable and Non-Payable Person.
  • Select Person as Adult or Child.
  • Per day and Onetime basis Person Cost. (Cool Feature)
  • Unlimited Product Features.
  • Min and Max Booking Days.
  • Local and Global Settings. (Cool Feature)

Integrations :

  • Full Calendar Order Report. (Hot Feature)
  • Google Calendar Integration. (Hot Feature)
  • Email Notifications. (Hot Feature)
  • Multilingual and Translation Ready. (Hot Feature)
  • WPML Ready. (Hot Feature)


We hope this review article will assist you a lot to choose "RnB" as your WooCommerce WordPress based website's Rental and Booking plugin. This is really the best on the business. That is all for today. Have a nice day.

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