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How To Rank Your Website and Business to Show up on Google First Page

I'm telling you accurately how to rank your website and business to show up on the first page of google and tell you why you’ve been taught wrong by a lot of the SEO experts. So I’ve been ranking websites and blogs on google for a very long time but the problem is that most of the experts will tell you how to do it but they’ve already got the authority, so it’s very very easy for them and not for others.


There are many ways you can rank a blog or website. And the biggest reason is people want to make money and want to monetize their site or blog.

Every task has some method that we'd like to Follow Steps By Step, and Here I'll describe briefly :

  1. Find your Keywords in your Niche. The cluster that Keywords on the idea of various pages.

  2. Write distinctive, Non- derived Content as well as Main Primary Keyword yet as LSI (Latent semantic analysis) meaning Keywords which individuals square measure largely mistreatment in Search Box.

  3. Generate sensible internal links with correct Anchor Texts. Keep that as consultants counseled.

  4. Use Keywords in URL, Title, Meta, H1 - H6 and build a balance of Keyword Density in your Webpage. [Don’t use too many  several Keywords in Content]

  5. Long Tail Keyword is good with 2–4 Keywords.

If you've got a brand new website that has Domain Authority > 30–50 then you've got to give extra efforts on your SEO Tasks.

Never regret your Technical SEO: Optimize your Pages for Mobile Devices with minimum open time rate, Mobile-Friendly website Navigation, sensible Server Response too. Retrieve Hosting arrange to Boost your Page Speed.

Generate SiteMap and Submit in Google Webmaster Tool.

For Good Domain Authority, begin Link Building on your website URL with Company or website name as Anchor Text like this Hosting. For Increasing Page Authority, Compose sensible Content on Page with Quality Traffic Giving Backlinks.

Do market research yet as competitive analysis via SEO Tools as much as you can. Wherever your competitors have backlinks and the way abundant they need a balance of Keyword Density with there primary and secondary keywords.

Get sensible reviews or backlinks from alternative high public prosecutor Bloggers. Concentrate on Quality Backlinks rather than the amount of Backlinks.

For turning into high on program Ranking Page the amount in relying on: however, is your Competition? (low, Medium, High)

How your Competitors have their SEO? (with scrutiny their public prosecutor, PA, Backlinks, Content, etc.)

Eventually, I will say it depends upon wherever square measure you and to whom you're competing with as a result of It wants variant Patience with correct data which might Boost your website to the first Rank. There produce other facts too like CTR on your Site Title, Organic or Paid Traffic, Digital Marketing, Bounce Rate, Human Interaction together with your, etc.

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