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Best Custom Post Type WordPress Plugin Alike

cartsy-banner WordPress based sites are now increasing by number. Lots of plugins are developing every day for different purposes. For comparing WordPress posts, developers are developing a plugin on that cause. Alike is this kind of WordPress plugin which can compare WordPress posts. It will work with any post types or custom post types such as property, cars, and products anything you desire.

Alike – WordPress Plugin for Post Comparison

This plugin provides with a very flexible logic builder. Where you can add any data, you want to add for comparison table display. You can place any custom taxonomy, terms and custom Metadata for building the dynamic post compare logic. It is an ideal solution for any directory listings WordPress site. There are two different table designs for the comparison data table. This can be chosen from the plugin basic settings panel. Another thing is you can set the actual image size you want to render in the comparison page.

How do I create a WordPress custom post type plugin?

You can set position for top or table body. The top position will be under the post title. 0.00 – 5.00 based rating values can be turned into a star rating display. Just enable the show rating the box from the logic generator. Terms from custom taxonomy will show available or not? If these terms are available it will show a green check icon; otherwise, it will show a close red icon. You can compare the maximum of 5 posts at a time.

Best Custom Post Type WordPress Plugins Alike

Alike is a WordPress post comparison plugin. WordPress custom post kind. A recent installation of WordPress comes with some default post varieties. Custom post varieties enabled content to be input and displayed during a custom manner that's specific to the content. You're not forced to use merely the intrinsic post varieties provided by WordPress. A custom post kind will denote and store any form of data.

This plugin provides a lot of features.

Included features: • Flexible comparison for WordPress • Works on with any post type or custom post type • Two different themes available for table display • Customize image thumbnail size • Both hard and soft crop image for the thumbnail • Drag and Drop • Customize table heading title • Customize table heading position • Star rating icons • Woo Commerce products comparison • Property compare • Listings compare • Short-codes are available • Widgets available • Translation ready with .pot files • Free Lifetime Updates


We have now come to the ending point of this article. We hope you have learned good things about this WordPress custom post type plugin. This plugin will really help your WordPress site to demonstrate different comparison tables on different types of posts. Usually, it will assist you to grab the attention of the potential customers. So that is all for today. Thank you very much for reading this article. Have a nice day.

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