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5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

It is important these days to optimize your online marketing. WordPress is one of the best ways that can help you make money online. Most internet marketers have their own WordPress site, which is why if you want to take advantage of your venture, you need to consider it.

Moreover, it is a must to know the best security plugins when it comes to WordPress. You need to maximize the security of your site to avoid problems coming from hackers.

A lot of people think that people who are working with the Internet are not having serious problems on their own. Honestly, the Internet is more troublesome than what you imagine. For example, a business person decided to set up a blog on the Internet by using WordPress.

Since WordPress is a popular platform for bloggers, it is already targeted by various hackers around the globe. So what happens if your website is suddenly attacked by hackers and you do not have tight security?


Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

To prevent your website from unwanted attacks, you must know the best WordPress security plugins. They will help you to get rid of any problems when it comes to your website. Now, I am going to let you about the best WordPress Security plugins to make it easier to maintain the security of your website.


Sucuri is one of the best WordPress security plugins that offers DNS level firewall. Not only that, it offers intrusion and brute force prevention. It also improves your website’s performance.

Sucuri is most popular for reducing server load through caching optimization. It accelerates your website performance and integrates CDN of Google. It protects your website against malware, SQL Injections, and all known-attacks. It provides help for accessing hacked websites.

Sucuri can block all attacks by its “Firewall Block” feature. It can block the attacks before it even touches your server. It always monitors website’s integration with other plugins and tools by its “Scanner”. It offers continuous malware scanning.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is one of the best WordPress security plugins that has a user-friendly interface. It is the best plugin as you can use it without having good knowledge of WordPress. This plugin is most popular for its unique security features that give the best security of your website.

This unique firewall feature blocks malicious scripts before it accepts the code on your website. It can meter on your dashboard to let you know about the security score of your website.

Not only that, it lets you keep tracking of files by its “Scanner”. It notifies you about each change in your website you made after the update of your website. It can also detect malicious virus existing on your website.

Wordfence Security

It is very important to protect your website from unwanted virus attack so that your content and information on the website will remain safe. Wordfence Security is one of the best WordPress plugins for security which provides free protection of your WordPress website from malware and hacks.

It is amatter of joy that Wordfence Security has over one million installs till the date.  When you install and activate the plugin into your WordPress website, it will do a full scan of your website with its “Deep Server Scanner”.

The premium version of this plugin gives you more than the free version. It can provide the country blocking ability which lets you block specific entry from any country. Moreover, you’ll enjoy two-step authentication and set up scheduled scanning system to check the security of your website.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is one of the best security plugins for WordPress. It is most popular for its unique security features. It provides the most proven ways to secure and protect your WordPress website. You can choose any security way from the list of 30+ to make the website secured.

It provides some great features you can’t deny to give the ultimate security to your website. It provides WordPress Login security, Ultimate security scanning, and WordPress firewall and monitoring. There are two-factor authentication system and brute force protection.

Besides, it provides some extra features for the pro users. As a pro user, you can enjoy ticketed support to submit your complaint and asking about the plugin to the plugin author.  Moreover, you can restrict users for multiple incorrect login attempts.  You can even monitor the core files of your website for any change.


UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress security plugins which enables you to back up your WordPress website or blog. It always makes your website secured and uploads a number of cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

It has some key functionalities which make it easier to make the perfect security backup of your website. It supports both manual and automatic scheduled backups. Not only that, it provides encryption to your backups. UpdraftPlus enables you to upload your backups to any number of cloud storage.

It is the so called world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin as well. It is a complete plugin with more features and advanced tools than any rival. It clones your WordPress site and moves it to new domain directly and simply.  Besides, it restricts the access via password so you choose which site users can access backups.

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Today, one out of every five new websites runs on WordPress. That makes it one of the largest technological revolutions of modern times. But the security of the WordPress website is more important than its designs and other features.

As with any other online system, it can have security issues whereby some malicious fellow could intercept your password and be able to login to your website. This really is a scary prospect for everyone whose livelihood depends online.

New online research reveals over 60% of WordPress sites will be hacked this year or be infected with malware that either causes the site to crash or to malfunction. If you are a WordPress site owner, this doesn't have to be the case. You can fight back with recently-available tools and techniques.

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