WooCommerce Rental And Booking Plugin

WooCommerce provides  the best solution for  e-commerce platform  for selling your products and services efficiently. It is the best free  Plugin in the history of WordPress. But in the case of rental and booking system with WooCommerce, WooCommerce provides a very expensive solution with their available add-ons.

WooCommerce Rental And Booking Plugin

Today, I will introduce a cost-effective and must need WooCommerce Rental plugin to you in the field of rental and booking system of WooCommerce. The name of this plugin is WooCommerce Rental And Booking. WooCommerce Rental And Booking Plugin (RnB) is the most appreciated rental and Booking plugin for last one year.

A Complete rental & booking solution in 29 bucks is more than cheap and you will not regret with their world Class Services.

Today, in this article, I will show you the ins and outs of this  WooCommerce Rental plugin, its usage, its working cycle, and many more things. So, Let’s jump into the main Features.

As we all know, WooCommerce  Comes with 4 default product types.

  1. Simple Product.
  2. Grouped Product.
  3. External/ Affiliate product.
  4. Variable Product.

In the rental plugin, We create a new product type named rental product for all of our settings and options.

The best thing is, it is not conflicting with the other  WooCommerce default product types.

That is, in your site, you can use the simple or variable or grouped product for one of your product and you can also use the rental product for another product.

woocommerce booking plugin 1

The WooCommerce Rental  Plugin is available in  WordPress.org as a free version and also available in the premium version at CodeCanyon.

For you, Here is the free version link. In the free version, you will get a lot of interesting features of the rental plugin like pricing Calculation, Date blocking,  Unlimited Availability checking, Unlimited attributes etc. The free version is enough to build a primary rental site based on WooCommerce.

 A famous line from my favorite movie Forrest Gump is ‘Life is like a box a bar of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.’This premium version of WooCommerce Rental and booking plugin is like chocolate for your rental or booking site.

It is one of best selling WooCommerce Rental  Plugin in CodeCanyon and liked by a lot of the customer around the world. Have a look on that link.

Plugin Installation

When you download the full package from CodeCanyon, You will find some folders and our main plugin zip file like the image

In the documentation folder, you will find the online and offline documentation link.

In the dummy data folder, you will find the dummy.xml file. If you want the demo products in your sites with complete settings, please import the dummy.xml from wordPress import.

Install from the back-end. :

  1. At first, go to Dashboard->plugins->add new.
  2. Then click on upload plugin button.
  3. Then upload the zip file from full packages and click install now button.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-486" src="https://redq.io/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ba-3.png" alt="" width="1148" height="194" />

4. After installing the plugin , activate the plugin.

Plugin Settings

The plugin has a lot of features with simple settings. In this article, we will discuss all the features step by step.

Adding a product is as same as WooCommerce product. Go to WooCommerce-> add product and select rental product from  product data.

Price Calculation

The rental plugin has some types of pricing plan like

  • General pricing
  • Hourly Pricing
  • Daily Pricing
  • Monthly Pricing
  • Day Ranges Pricing

Now we will discuss about all the pricing plan step by step and how the pricing plan works.

General Pricing

General pricing is the simple pricing plan . When you set general pricing for your products, all the days will calculate the same price. If you have many products and all the products have some fixed price , then General pricing will be helpful for you.
woocommerce booking plugin 2

Hourly Pricing

Hourly Booking is available if you want to book a product for less than a day or 24 hours. If someone want to book a product for more than one day, then hourly booking will not work. Hourly booking is attached with the general pricing .

Daily Pricing

Daily pricing plan is one of the most interesting feature of our pricing plan. If your product has a different price for every single day then Daily Pricing plan is for you. Hourly price is also included in the daily pricing plan . But note that, Hourly price will work perfectly with the daily pricing plan if you book less than a day.

b10 create booking system with WooCommerce

Monthly Pricing

If your product needs a different price for the different month, Then Monthly Pricing will help you. Different price for a different month!!! How cool is that!

b11 create booking system with WooCommerce

Day Ranges Pricing

Day ranges pricing plan is essential for you if you want to set a price on the basis of different dates.

You can set minimum days and maximum days for your date range. Please look at the option named applicable. It is an important feature for the day range pricing plan. It will be either

Per Day



A simple Example will clear the difference between the two option.

Min day-1

Max day-4

Day Range Cost- 12

Applicable – Fixed

If someone book that product for 4 days, It will cost $12(not $12*4=$48). Because you set the applicable option to fixed. It is helpful when you want to provide  a package to your customer for a specific day range.


Min day-1

Max day-4

Day Range Cost- 12

Applicable – Per Day

Now, If someone book that product for 4 days, It will cost  $12*4=$48. Because you set the applicable option to per day basis. Isn’t it a quite impressive feature??

The plugin team is trying to provide some extra pricing plan like weekly pricing and Seasonal Pricing. It will added with the current features on their future updates.

Price Discount 

Price Discount option is available for all of the pricing plan. You can set a discount for a specific day range . Discount type is available both on a Fixed price basis and percentage basis.

Suppose, you set a price in general pricing plan and that is $12. And if someone book within 2-4 days, you want to give them discounts. Then this option is for you.

Discount type is available in Fixed price or percentage of the price you set in the pricing calculation section.

Suppose, you set the discount type to fixed price and that is $5.

If someone book or rent your product for 3 days, the total price will be $12*3=36-5=$31.

On the other side, Suppose, you set the discount type to percentage and that is 10%.

If someone book or rent your product for 3 days, the total price will be $12*3=36*10%= $32.40.

This is a cool feature.  There can be also some factors behind that. If you want to provide a special opportunity to your customers like you want to give 50% discount if someone book more than 10 days, Then set min days to 10 and set max days to 365 or any big amount of days.

Again, If you want to give a discount for only  7 days, not more or less, then set min days to 7 and max days to 7 also.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the most important feature of our WooCommerce Rental Plugin. When the plugin was released, Inventory was the most wanted feature by the customers and our developers tried their best  to put this feature on this rental plugin.

Suppose a seller has  5 same products. It is obvious that he will not want to create  5 different individual products for them. At that portion, the role of inventory management comes into Play. By using RnB plugin, you don’t have  to create 5 individual products .  The only thing you have to do is just to create 1 product from the inventory tab and then you have to configure those 5 same items.

b4 create booking system with WooCommerce

In the WooCommerce Rental and Booking (RnB) plugin , We have payable and non payable attributes like Pickup Locations, Drop-Off Locations, Persons,  Security Deposits, Resources, Features, Attributes etc which are controlled By the inventory tab.



During product creation, If someone don’t set any inventory item, one default inventory item will be create automatically with the product name .

Now, You might be in a thought that what is these inventory items?? Don’t worry , we will discuss briefly about these payable and non-payable inventory items. At first, you have  to create your Pickup Locations, Drop-Off Locations, Persons,  Security Deposits, Resources, Features, Attributes etc  from each particular taxonomy which will be  available in a post type named inventory.

In a nutshell, The full inventory will work based on two steps. When someone  add an inventory item,  the attributes fields of the plugins  like  locations, resources, deposits, persons will not appear (like the first screen-shot of inventory management). At this circumstances, you have  to publish or update the product. Once you have published or updated the product, You can click on the expand icon of the inventory item to see all the fields(like second screen-shot).

Inventory Attributes

We have payable and non payable attributes like Pickup Locations, Drop-Off Locations, Persons,  Security Deposits, Resources, Features, Attributes etc which are controlled By the inventory tab.

Resources (payable)

Resource  is one of the Inventory Attributes which is a taxonomy of Inventory post type. To find  resources, please go to  Dashboard->Inventory->Resources. The good news is that, there is no limit of creating  payable resources.

 After the resource cost, You will find an option named Price Applicable . You can set it either  one-time basis or per-day basis  . If someone  set a per-day basis from the dropdown , then it will allow him  to set the price  hourly for that resource.  Please note that If someone book less than 1 day  only then the hourly resource cost will work. On the other hand, per day basis cost is as normal as your thought.

Person(both payable and non-payable)

Like Resource, Person is   also  one of the Inventory Attributes which is a taxonomy of Inventory post type. To find  person, please go to  Dashboard->Inventory->Person. The good news is that, you can create unlimited payable and non payable Person.

You can set it either  one-time basis or per-day basis  . If someone  set a per-day basis from the dropdown , then it will allow him  to set the price  hourly for that Person.  Please note that If someone book less than 1 day  only then the hourly resource cost will work. On the other hand, per day basis cost is as normal as your thought.

Deposit or Security Deposit

Like Resource and Person, Deposit is also one of the Inventory Attributes which is a taxonomy of Inventory post type. To find Deposit, please go to  Dashboard->Inventory->Deposit. You can create unlimited Deposit from here.

You can set it either  one-time basis or per-day basis  and the procedure is as same as before. There is an extra option on deposit. Someone can also set deposit as  not-clickable or clickable . If someone set a deposit option as clickable then he will find an option  to  check or unchecked during booking. If someone set the deposit option as not-clickable then the customers don’t find the option to uncheck it, then it should be included in the time of  booking.  It has also the drag and drop sorting facilities.

Location(Pickup Location and Drop-off location)

Like the other attributes, Pickup Location and Drop-off location are also taxonomies of the inventory post type. You can find this option from Dashboard->Inventory->Pickup Location and Dashboard->Inventory->Dropoff Location. The beauty of RnB plugin is, someone can add unlimited pickup and drop-off locations from here. Then if you want to put the cost on this location, you can do it or vice versa.

PickUp Location

DropOff Location

Here, Description option is compulsory. If you don’t fill up your location description, Then the location will be vanished from the product cart page. So you should fill the Description portion for the location.

Attributes and Features (non-payable)

Both Attributes and Features are non-payable taxonomies. You can find this option from Dashboard->Inventory->Attributes and Dashboard->Inventory->Features. It has all the features except the cost feature. That’s why it is non-payable Attributes and features.



Then , after the product details, you will see that option on  product single page.


Product Availability is controlled totally by inventory items. Let’s give a valid example for this availability. Suppose  a product have two inventory items  like the following screen-shot.

In WooCommerce Rental Plugin, after publishing this product,  under Inventory post type, 2 child-post will be created .

b8 create booking system with WooCommerce

The availability is controlled fully  with those child posts of the inventory items.

b9 create booking system with WooCommerce

In WooCommerce Rental  plugin, in Dashboard->inventory  post type, Each product creates at least 1 child product. Someone  can disable date or date ranges from booking calendar from these child post that you will find Dashboard-&gt;Inventory.

Suppose, you have two inventory under a product. You want to disable some dates from the backend. Then you have to go to inventory->all inventory and find your inventory. Then you have to disable date from all 2 inventories. If you disable date from one inventory , then the date will not be disable. For disabling date from the backend perfectly, you have to disable the date from all of its inventory.


In the settings portion, WooCommerce Rental product has 4 options.

  • Display
  • Labels
  • Conditions
  • Validations

All the options have 2 different settings.

  • Local Settings
  • Global Settings

Local settings means the settings will work for that individual product or for that product only. Global settings is applicable for all products if you don’t change it for individual product.


In the display Tab, you will find a lot of options for building a product single page Like Pickup and drop off date and time, showing flip box or not, Show Quote Request or not, Showing Book now button or not.


In Labels Tab, you can change each and every label related to our WooCommerce Rental and Booking Plugin. This plugin gives you all the options to change your text from the backend. So no need to worry about the label portion


Conditions Tab has a lot of settings options. It is the most important option for WooCommerce rental plugin settings. Some of the settings are

Block rental days : Someone can easily control a product’s  booking day or  you can also control the day ranges availability from here. If you set no option from the given  drop-down then your days will not be blocked from the backend. On the other hand, If you set yes option from the given  drop-down then your specific days or date range  will be blocked from the backend.

Date Format Settings : This plugin  will allow someone to choose from different date-format available .

  1. m/d/Y
  2. d/m/Y
  3. Y/m/d

Maximum time late : Someone can set a maximum hour late during return time from here. The time must be in hours . Another day will be count if anyone being late during departure  cross this limit of time . Then the exact price will be calculate on the basis of this settings.

Maximum Booking Days : Someone can set a limit for maximum booking days from here.

Select Weekend : Select weekend is also an important feature. You can set your weekend days from a backend . During that days the date will not be available. You can select any day from a week for your weekend.

Single Day Booking

If the option is checked, Then if pickup date and drop off date are same , Then it counts as 1 day. If you set this option is checked, Set the Maximum time late to 0.

On the other hand, If you set this option is unchecked, Then it counts as 1day 0.

There are also some options available like

  • No. of Block Days Before Booking Started
  • No. of Block Days After a Booking
  • Time Interval
  • Allowed Times


In the validation tab, The WooCommerce rental plugin gives you the opportunity of  Daily Basis Opening & Closing Time . You can limit the opening time or closing time of your bookings as your wish. It will be helpful in many ways for your product store.

Make Product Calendar In Your Language

You can make the product calendar in your own languages. Just go to WooCommerce->settings->RnB settings and then from there you can set Language domain, Weekdays Names (Comma , separated), Month Names (, separated) etc. You can also set some Universal Labels from the backend also. Note that, These settings are all global settings. Whatever settings you choose from here , will be applied on every product.

Theme: Turbo – WooCommerce Rental & Booking Theme

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    • Yes, You can make bookable product available for more than one unit; for this you will need to check the plugin documentation inventory management.

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